01/11/12 Laser Strewn Recap


Had a very nice anniversary Monday with my girlfriend. We walked to the movies (we saw “Hugo,” which was lovely), made a special dinner, and toasted with champagne so awful it was corked with a bottlecap.

Not a lot otherwise. We turned the garden on Sunday. There’s a new Faraday The Blob up, that always cracks me up. The Kindle arrived in the mail, and I’ve been waiting anxiously all day to finish this Spacetrawler so I can sit down and fiddle with it. Good times.

Oh, and nominate me (and spread the word) for the HUGOS! Spacetrawler book #1 “The Human Seat” in the best Graphic Story category. If not me, then the either Schlock Mercenary’s Force Multiplication, Dr. McNinja’s traveling to the future to defeat intelligent dinosaurs that rule the world,  or Marooned‘s “Mars Wars” would be acceptable I suppooooosse.

Okay, dinner time.


  1. You realize I’m reading “OK, dinnertime” at 5 in the morning?

    Krep’s reactions really make today’s strip. Especially Anal Gas.

    As for the award, How can you cede The Human Seat? It must be fought over with open fists! (and maybe potty bots)

  2. Pus: The stuff that comes out of an abcess.

    Puss: A diminutive form of “pussycat”, mostly used in England. (“Here puss puss puss” being their “Here kitty kitty kitty”.)

    Also, I should not have read this strip right after breakfast. Blegh.

    Also also, I cannot wait to see what happens next. If Dimitri pulls a Big Damn Heroes and shows up lasers blasting, I may just squee myself to death.

  3. Paul d'Aoust

    A fie upon you for mentioning that you turned your garden this weekend. We’d break our pitchforks if we tried to do that right now, on account of the ground being frozen as hard as concrete.

  4. Christopher

    @Coyoty, lol! Opertative word “CAN be”
    @Lukas, “therapeutic,” fixed! 🙂
    @Joanna, “pus,” fixed! 🙂
    @Tom_Dell’Aringa, thank you. And they are BOTH deserving. You do awesome work.
    @Paul_d’Aoust, as a New England boy, I can relate. This west coast living is enough to make one soft.
    @Daniel, also, Emily is “thwacking” that alien in panel 5. I can be so lazy!

  5. Joal

    That wins the prize for the greatest quantity of bodily excrement ever to star in a recap.

    The combo breaker in response to the revelation that the eebs are psychopaths was quite amusingly in character. 🙂

  6. Night-Gaunt

    The first time I have seen exposition during a fierce blaster gun battle. Fantastic. Would look great animated.

    You definitely deserve a Hugo Award. Kept me coming back every week to read it. Engrossing an fascinating, serious, funny and exciting!

    Psychopaths main difference from the rest of us is that they fear little, shrug off pain, and have little to no empathy. But a whole species of genius psychopaths? That would be the scourge of the civilized galaxy!!

  7. Corpore Metal

    I have to say that Krep has pretty much put me off eating anything for a week! Nay! Even doing anything biologically at *all* for a week!

    And what a great way to recap, right in the middle of a peril filled zap gun battle!

    Useless quibble, that I don’t want in any way to stop the torrent of awesome but, I really wouldn’t call these lasers. They don’t really behave like lasers. Never mind. Let the awesome continue unabated!

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