01/16/12 Romance Blossoms


Been really busy here. Been doing lots of freelance, and am fighting to not fall behind while trying to get extra done, mostly involving Spacetrawler book#2, but some regarding writig other comics and novels. But, here we are, 10 minutes before Spacetrawler’s update time, and I’m done. Dammit. Eat that, self-doubting self.

And of course it’s worth it when you get Pierrot, Defender of Awesome riding in on his lone horse. Good times. And nicely timed to post one of Pierrrot’s big strips on Martin Luther King Day (happy Martin Luther King Day, btw).

Been a fun week too. Started playing racquetball with a friend, which I’ve wanted to play for years. And I survived! No injuries even! Whoot!

Oh, and if you speak Portuguese, some nice things were said about Spacetrawler over at pinkvader.com.


  1. pastordan

    Poor Fiyena, always a bridesmaid, never a — oh, screw it, she did it to herself by being spectacularly lame. Hooray Pierrot! Hooray Emily! Hooray Dmitri getting tanked in the basement while his buddies face down imminent death!

  2. “it is the end, Gurf”
    “The end of what?”
    “No, Gurf, ‘it’ means ‘The end’!”
    “The end of what?”
    “You know what? I’m going to be a sport and let you find out for yourself! *pushes Gurf into the raging laser-fire*”

  3. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY *deep breath* AYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! If Dimitri comes charging in soon and saves the lot of them, I may just die. And if Martina shows up after that, well, that’ll just be the end of all existence, won’t it?

    Good holy cheese, but I love Spacetrawler.

  4. Christopher

    @Redpossum, I forgot what I used as a base to build the model from, but although I don’t think it was a vespa, it was vespa-like for sure. And yes, I also intentionally had this strip mirror both this strip and this strip.

    If curious, here’s my 3-D model I built for it below. Sadly for the building of it, it only gets a real appearance as a small glimpse in panel 9.

  5. Sabreur

    @Christopher: That looks utterly absurd. I want five of them, two in red, one of them gold plated, and the other two with racing stripes.

    That has to be the best mildly-angry rampage in comic history.

  6. Christopher

    @Pastordan, Ha! Yes, probably OCD AND nerdboy. I mostly try to do it for a consistency of look, pretty much every bit of architecture in the strip is a 3-D model I’ve built, and I’ve gotten quite quick at it. Another big thing is this: I often don’t know how much something will play a part. For instance, the lobby of the Kppfing hotel was only going to be in one strip, but it later seemed the perfect place for many interactions. And this thing looks cool enough that I’ll probably use it again. πŸ™‚

  7. I have a theroy that would explain the spectacularly poor marksmanship exibited by the GOB fighters in space and in face to face shooting.
    It has to do with “Please Don’t Eat the Daisys” the principal that perfect obedience doesn’t require perfect orders.

    I think that no GOB authority ever told the Eebs not to include a device in all GOB zappers , blasters , missles and photon torpedos that makes it shoot high and to the right when aimed at an Interplanet Amity target.
    If any GOB authority ever does tell their Eeb workforce not to include a device in all GOB zappers , blasters , missles and photon torpedos that makes it shoot high and to the right , they can still include a device in all GOB zappers , blasters , missles and photon torpedos that makes it shoot low and to the left.
    This theroy allows that Eebs attitude can have influence on outcome, a stubtle defeat of the brainclamp.

    If the Eebs simply stop being obedient I think the GOB would start a famine, and they will be helpless to fight without them, like “Atlas Shrugged”.

  8. Corpore Metal

    I knew something like this was coming from the moment Emily had the vegan burger conversation with Pierrot back in Book One. She had a slightly different tank top, that apparently she never ever wore before or since. I guess for Emily, that counted as formal wear for dating and courtship. Not that anyone would ever notice.

    Pierrot *more* than earned his “Defender of Awesome” title! Hooray!

  9. Hawgowar

    @plane. I agree. For weapons with no drop, no windage or other problems, strictly line-of-sight; all space operas seem to depend on the fact that apparently all alien races are absolute imbeciles when it comes to marksmanship. As a retired sniper who could take your head off at 700 meters with a 7.62 rifle, and blow you in half at over a mile with a .50 BMG, I find it to be one of the things I really don’t like about space operas. I know we have to suspend our beliefs in xenobiology and even basic physics, space/time, and the rest, but something as basic as “point laser/energy weapon, align sight with target and touch firing stud” should be so messed up. Not Christopher’s fault, he pretty much HAS to do it or nobody would read the strip. It’s required for all SCIFI and space operas,and adds to the excitement and all that. I don’t have to like it, though.

  10. Christopher

    @Hawgowar and @Plane, indeed. ‘Tis true, for better or worse. And not just SciFi, pretty much any TV show or movie with any kind of guns. Bad guys never hit, good guys always do. πŸ™‚

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