02/08/12 G.O.B Announcement


I am raising money to print book 2 through the website Kickstarter by way of pre-orders and other incentives. Help me reach my goal of $7,000!


Thank you. And thanks for all the links and retweets for this campaign. You’re all the best!


And, “phew!” Today’s strip was a strip and a half. In case you can’t keep track of all who is in today’s strip, follow the handy tags below the blog.


  1. Sabreur

    I love the fact that they somehow made Martina the most menacing-looking of the bunch. Seriously, she looks downright grim in that mugshot.

    That being said, she might really *be* the most dangerous of the whole bunch, all things considered. She’s talks like a nice happy pacifist, but she’s the one who will blow up a space station or put a ‘power off’ button on a friend if she has to.

  2. susan

    Martina may be a pacifist at heart but she is also a realist. Bless her. Your Kickstarter project is more than half-way there already so I’m feeling good about that. I’m counting on adding Vol2, and Vol 3 at a later date, to my bookshelf.

  3. von

    Are the free eebs listening to this? They are, right? So then they should know that the good guys (from an eeb perspective) are not only Martina and Red-9, but also Emily, Pierrot, Nogg and the others at IA.

    On the other hand, perhaps the free eebs are no longer counting Martina (and Red-9?) among the good guys, given that she killed most of them at Brograhm’s teeth…

  4. JKCarroll

    @Lukas, those particular grasping digits belong to minions. In the movie version, they’d be listed as Guard #2, Guard #4, and The Fat Guard. No speaking lines, and all they can do is hope they’re not put into red shirts.

  5. Christopher

    @Lukas, JKCarroll is correct. They are random hands. Although there was intent in me using the word “monsters” which we with human eyes feel somewhat apply to ALL weird looking aliens (like the ones holding the approxiscans), and if anything, we might feel least of all that the ones we’ve come to know and love are monsters. 🙂

  6. JKCarroll

    @Night-Gaunt, the correct descriptive phrase is “mutant zombie bikers”. That should be enough to throw terror into the circulatory pump of any sapient being. Throw in a couple of cheerleaders and you’ve got a classic horror/sci-fi/teen-angst/bikini-beach-blanket movie. (Especially if you can get Annette Funicello to play the head zombie.)

    And please watch the racial slurs. My ancestors were barbarians. At least the ones on my mother’s side. My father’s side was Irish. ‘Nuff said.

  7. Joal

    I just noticed that if I increased my pledge to a higher reward that I had been tempted to get, the total pledged amount would hit $7000.

    Well, how could I resist the satisfaction?

    Congrats. 😀

  8. ronald

    BTW, I GOTS to know: Are Yuri’s Rhilzzan ears purely decorative, or are they functional? If the latter (which I guess would mean she now has extra ear canals which extend to the TOP of her head instead of to the sides), well, she still has her human ears, right? Do both sets of ears provide identical input, or can Rhilzzan ears detect sounds that human ears can’t? If the latter, might that be a partial explanation for her increasingly erratic (“slapass nuts” being such a harsh term) behavior, that her brain is trying to process information that the human brain (even with Eeb-based support) is simply unequipped to handle? Is she hearing what humanity was never meant to hear?

    Thanks for any pending response, if any. 🙂

  9. Christopher

    @Ronald, her human ears… I feel like they’re no longer there and the cat’s ears are, like the death star, fully operational. But up ’til now I simply have not again shown her human ears and I’m not sure I will or if it will come up as a plot point. So, it is a question which sadly may never be fully answered. 🙂

  10. ronald

    That’s okay, I’m just pleased that I got a reply; I realize you’re quite busy. Perhaps I should think of some additional questions while luck is with me. 😉

    Here’s one: So far the crew has liberated two groups of Eebs, one from the GOB* and one from the Yooyooian Moon. Plus Nogg got Gray-17 from Brother Furn and Yuri brought Cerise-22 aboard from Shuar’s ship. Do you have a definite number for how many Eebs are on the ship (well, okay, they’re not on the ship AT THE MOMENT, they’re all with Dimitri, but I’m sure my meaning is reasonably clear)? Or do you just say “lots” and leave it at that?

    (The number of Eebs the crew has accumulated thus far begs the question of exactly where Nogg and company deposited any Eebs that they successfully rescued BEFORE the strip began — at the beginning only one, the late lamented Cardinal-62, was onboard — but I’m sure that will come up eventually. Or not.)

    Same sort of questions with the Star Banger’s Bots, I guess (not counting the PottyBot, who came from Choan’s): Is there a set number of them (BarBot, TherapyBot, MediBot, any others I’m not recalling at the moment; interesting that no one seems concerned about THEIR rights…), or is it a make it up as you go along sort of thing?

    Apologies, but this is just the sort of person I am. 🙂 No criticism intended. Thanks for your time.


    *Cornflower-94 first appeared after this sequence, so she was presumably part of this group; however, she too seems to be late and lamented and is thus not with Dimitri as the rest are

  11. JKCarroll

    @Christopher, I just found an error. In panel 3 you switched the “C” and the “H” in “Kuu-drahc”. I noticed it only because I ALWAYS want to spell it as “Kuu-drach”. I think that’s because in my head I always hear the “hc” sound as a vocal fricative, sounded the way an Austrian would sound the “ch” in “Bach” or the “H” in “Hannukah”.

    Now if you say it’s supposed to be the “hc” sound in Welsh, that would be just plain weird. And unpronouncable.

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