02/20/12 Before The Fire


The Kickstarter campaign for Spacetrawler book 2 pre-orders RAGES ON. Join the forces of good. Support happiness. You have one week left.

You can’t see much of the Mihrrgoot ship in today’s strip, but you will see more of it. And I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.

If you want to make wild mass guesses on the plot of Spacetrawler, someone posted a theory over on TVTropes.

There’s a video up of a panel I did with Tony DiGerolama(of Superfrat and a writer for the Simpsons) at InterventionCon in the DC area in the autumn of last year. The panel goes a bit smoother after about 5 minutes when I realized what panel I was on (“Getting Paid To Do What You Already Love”).

Oh, and I have a comic in the current MAD Magazine. Check it out at your local library or newsstand!

Did I mention the Spacetrawler Kickstarter campaign? Of course I did.


  1. The Invisible Phan

    Shuar’s figured out that Dmitri is alive β€” will she tell & have him saved? Or will being underground with a bunch of rescued Eebs do it? Or did he already get away? Stay tuned …

  2. Eris Lobo

    Hey! My prediction regarding the whole crew getting saved by Dmitri’s beer-mobile didn’t pan out!

    I don’t care, though, because — what actually happened is better! Yay!

    Great strip today, Chris!!! *bounces happily*

  3. Eris Lobo

    Crab? Ape? Sloth? People, don’t insult Chris’s artistic abilities, okay?

    It’s clearly Gonzo from the Muppet show … trying to pull himself up by hanging onto a bar after being flattened.

    Look … you can see the weird nose … and eyes … and everything!!!

    … It’s time to play the music …
    … It’s time to light the lights …
    … It’s time to meet the Muppets on the Muppet Show tonight …

    Now then, everybody try and NOT let that song play through your head whenever you read Spacetrawler in the future …

  4. ronald

    So, how will Yuri’s immense satisfaction with her cyborg-ness affect her opinion of Shuar, who made it possible in the first place…by ordering Flineous to *torture* Yuri? Yuri certainly didn’t cut Flineous himself any slack over his role in making her what she is today.

    BTW, I’ve been wondering, on the upper part of the Mihrrgoot’s face, those ARE eyes, right? I’m not sure what else they’d be, yet they never blink or widen or so on. Just curious. Thanks.

  5. Vaz

    Christopher, I recently became a fan and I love this comic so much that I dipped into my wedding fund (shhh don’t tell my fiance =P) and donated to your Kickstarter Campaign, a worthy investment indeed! I’m looking forward to more Spacetrawler, and I’m also going to sink my teeth into Bruno and Little Dee. Keep up the great work! Spacetrawler…somehow keeping future husbands sane in the face of upcoming holy matrimony.

  6. Christopher

    Thanks, @Vaz! Remember, pre-ordering for Spacetrawler book #2 comes only ONCE IN A LIFETIME, you can get married as many times as you want. πŸ˜‰

    @monkeystyletechnique, I’ll add it to the list of ideas. I have not had good luck with Spacetrawler shirts (never broke even with any of last year’s designs), so I’ll be hesitant to try more any time soon. πŸ™‚

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