03/12/12 The Ite Conspiracy


In case it SOMEHOW slipped your mind, Eebongbong is the planet the Eebs originated from.

Ah, book #3. Off with a bang.

Pre-press continues on for Spacetrawler book #2. The funds become available to me later this week, and I’m still on schedule to send it off to the printer on the day my account is credited. So, booh-yeah on that.

Tired (been hitting the pre-press hard), but life continues well. Made some bread yesterday. Puttering away at writing a new cookie recipe. Still playing racquetball with my friend Kim (which has been a keen highlight for me).

Spending downtime with my girlfriend watching bleak films from Scandinavia. The Swedish (well, and the British as well) Wallander series is great. And “Terribly Happy” was terribly good. I was a bit disappointed with “Kissed by Winter,” felt it was trying too hard, too polished (but pretty and well acted). I wasn’t very excited about “Varg Veum” either (although I only watched one episode). Looking forward to trying the “Irene Huss” series. If you count Iceland in there, “Jar City” and “101 Reykjavik” were both very good. “As It Is In Heaven” may be my favorite recently, although I can’t say technically it’s the best movie of the lot, I think it’s the sweetest and most interesting storytelling-wise.


  1. von

    We know one thing that happened “shortly before the rise of the galactic Eeb industry”: an Eeb asked Qwahntoo for help, and Qwahntoo said he’d find something for the Eebs to offer in return.

    Sure, the criminal they were hunting might have been Qwahntoo, but it might just as well have been the Eeb. The Eeb was clearly facing some kind of problem, and that problem might well have been the Ites, which must be pretty powerful given that they could travel to another part of the galaxy before spacetrawlers were made.

  2. Eris Lobo

    I have to admit that panel three throws me for a loop, too. In particular, I can’t really get my visual perceptions wrapped around the drawing of the “door into space,” and how it’s supposed to actually appear three-dimensionally. As a result, I sorta “blipped” over that panel — but it irked me a bit because I’ve never had trouble with your drawings before, Chris. Am I the only one who had a few problems here?

  3. WellWellWell

    @Eris Lobo & Christopher

    Me too.
    “Revolving-That Door in Space”… I tought it a possibility, but was not really able to see it before the explanation.

    I`d say it needs some work if it is meant to be instantaneously understood.

    Fine Intro for Book 3.
    Love it.

  4. TB

    Christopher could have made the door look like an actual rectangular glass revolving door, making the joke much clearer, but it would also kind of tip the whole thing over into the Silly Zone.

  5. Griech

    Been following this series from day one. Fun fact: I have a small part as an extra in the english Wallander series, Season 3, episode 1. Dont think they have aired yet though. Keep up the good work on this comic =)

  6. JKCarroll

    @invisifan, Brekt WAS off on her assertions about JFK. Really. No need to look any closer.

    @Christopher, all I can say is I hoped they closed that door. Otherwise all the gravity would leak out, and there we’d be — spending our money to provide gravity to the whole universe. Don’t leave the door open! And wipe your motivating pods when you come in from space — it’s not like I have all day to do nothing put push that vac-bot around after you. And wash your grasping phalanges before you consume biologic material! Do you think you were raised in an agricultural storage facility?

    (You know, that just sounded better when my mom said it.)

  7. stevegallacci

    Ooo! Could the Eebs’ being turned into spacetrawlers be part of a collective punishment for some REALLY bad thing they did earlier? Especially if the Eeb mind is passed on through generations, so each generation is still guilty of whatever massive crime? Just a thought.

  8. Christopher

    @Jim, can you actually think of ways to make Spacetrawler darker? Yike. 😉

    Thanks, @Angel, so much fun to play with silly designs.

    @WellWellWell, you hit the nail on the head. It was NOT “meant to be instantaneously understood.” Mostly because it’s not particularly important, and will be shown (and explained) later.

    @Griech, how fun! I think S3E1 it is due out in April. I’ll, um, look for you?

    @Stevegallacci, I am tight-lipped always about future plans like this, but I just wanted to say that comments like yours make me feel i should do a choose-your-own-adventure sci-fi comic, where each sill insane alternate-universe outcome is explored. 😉

  9. LOVE the door in space! Sorry @Eris_Lobo and @WellWellWell but I got it right away.

    Also love the alien’s reactions in panels 4,6 and 8. Chris, you are just perfect at conveying emotion in your drawings.

  10. Maybe I’m reading this too literally, but I’m thinking there is actually a criminal, which would mean that criminal is Qwhantoo.

    This has a whole bunch of interesting implications: Firstly, Qwhantoo is from a distant part of the galaxy; a part of the galaxy that has learned to make giant revolving doors appear in space!

    Secondly, literally anything could’ve happened to the Ites; being killed and being turned into furryites are just two possibilities. They could also have been brain clamped, be hiding, or have been turned into Spacetrawlers! They could also have created another revolving door and have gone to any other part of the galaxy!

    Third, Qwantoo is a criminal… but now has diplomatic immunity! Is the whole GOB just a giant shield for him?

    Fourth, How the heck does Brekt know all this stuff?!? I mean, she’s been sort of right about everything so far…

    Hm… any chances we’ll see more of her JFK theory?

  11. Night-Gaunt

    Why people say “conspiracy theories” instead of “conspiracy ideas” is madding considering “theory” means something has been proven. An it usually isn’t the way it is used in connexion to “conspiracy.”

    Maybe the Ites found what they were looking for, an one they didn’t survive or two they left to where ever it is they live. Or three they got lost or found another trail to some where’s else.

  12. WellWellWell


    First: Scientifically nothing can ever be proven!
    Read your Popper lately?

    second: A theory is a theory, and nothing more – wether it has aliens or relativity as its subject.
    The very definition of the word “theory” is “not proven” but “a thought-system” …. man, man *headshaking*

  13. Eris Lobo

    @Chris — Yes, the “revolving door” comparison definitely helps! Thanks!

    @stevegallacci — Any chance you could sign one of my original copies of Albedo or Critters (with Birthright)? 🙂

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