05/16/10 How Eebs Got Clamped


Star Pirates

The good people of the web-based game Star Pirates (www.starpirates.net) have asked me for further promoting, and I was happy to say yes and continue the relationship. They’re nice folk, the game is fun, and it’s a web-based Sci-Fi game — which means it’s a mighty-good tie-in with what you’re reading here.

Playing’s free, and I found it easy to get into, and totally addictive. In the first 4 skill levels you have non-attack-you time to examine all the options, to go to the asteroid belt, pick through space debris, or bet (and lose) money. With exploration, I found the interface simple and easy to use.

I was approached by other players including an official welcoming pirate, who gave me advice, rum, and parts for my ship. The “shoutbox” is an excellent venue to discuss duct tape or waffles, and was always lively. I felt very welcomed.

So put on your helmet, get into a Starship Sloop Mk. 1, and spend a blasterdly evening with Nogg’s Fleet. Click through THIS LINK and you’ll be autoinvited to the fleet.

Enjoy!    -Christopher


  1. metaphizzle

    Someone give Corpore Metal a cookie. Back when the brain-clamp was first mentioned, they said: ‘I kind of think the Eebs brain clamped themselves because of “Monsters from Id.” Anyone here ever see Forbidden Planet?’

    Out of all the theories of why the Eebs clamped themselves, this turned out to be the closest to the mark.

    So the real question now is, How did Red9 avoid getting clamped?

  2. Christopher

    Yay, @CorporeMetal! I’m afraid I am unfamiliar with the Monsters of Id, so didn’t know.

    Red9 being unclamped…. you’ll have to wait until Wednesday to find that out. 😉

  3. Well, thanks everyone for the cookie but I don’t think I deserve it.

    The way Chris has things happening here is very, very different from the movie I’m thinking of. In the movie I’m thinking of a wise and super-advanced alien species develops their technology to a final stage where suddenly and entirely by surprise they all wiped out. Humans only find the long abandoned ruins of these creatures, the Krell, millions of years later. The secret is eventually figured out but I don’t want to spoil the movie.

    I don’t know if it’s on Netflix or not, but if you have the time and want to see one of the best 50’s science fiction movies, rent Forbidden Planet. It’s partially based on Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” I think when you get to the end you might see why I thought of “Monsters from the id” before the brain clamp was explained.

  4. Leland

    Chris you rat-bastard, I do not have time to be sucked into an MMORPG… wait, is that a shiny thing?

    Wups, Brain Clamp! I mean, addicting MMORPG!

    (Pretty much the same thing in my book)

  5. Leland

    Oh, as an aside about using telekenisis to rupture air or blood tubes, I believe a Line-of-Sight limitation is standard to the telekensis trope.

    So I guess grabbing hold of just the outer part of the jugular or trachea (and no other part of the body) would be possible, but I would think even that should be limited to only the very very talented Eebs (Major League Eebs, if you will).

    PS Keep in mind, it’s entirely feasible for Red9 to actually be a Major League Eeb and been able to carry out his threat against Martina.

  6. Well, since EvilMidnightLurker started the ball rolling on grammar errors, I’ll just point out another one in the very next panel: “each one of us were basically equals”. That’s wrong; you’re mixing up singular and plural. Instead, try using “all of us were basically equals”.

  7. Libby

    Is that alien the evil robot-spider-doctor from Lost in Space (the newer one)?

    And Chris- you say we’ll find out on Wednesday… you said that last week… just saying…

  8. JKCarroll

    @Libby, and then on Wednesday it will be “next Wednesday”, and then it will be the Wednesday after that, and so on, and on, and on… HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! IT’S ALWAYS NEXT WEDNESDAY!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    And @CorporeMetal, if you don’t want the cookie, can I have it? I, uh, I missed breakfast. Yeah.

  9. JKCarroll

    @Leland, the “line of sight” rule may apply, but that doesn’t mean the telekinetic can’t rip the flesh apart drilling down (so to speak) to the body tube in question.

    Question: if the “line of sight” rule applies, does that mean telekinesis can work on the person at the other end of the web cam? If you’re Gil Hamilton, the answer is yes, but what if you’re not?

  10. JKCarroll

    Let me guess… Two of the last six unclamped Eebs placed their son in a rocket and blasted him off to safety before they were killed. The now-orphaned Eeb’s rocket managed to crash-land safely, where he was taken in by a kindly Mihrrgoot couple who raised him as their own.

  11. Christopher

    @hyloguy, thanks! I’ll fix that too!
    @Libby & @SeanCampbell, no, not based on that Lost In Space image, but awesome!
    @JKCarroll, ha! No, there will be no intentional superman references.

  12. Leland

    @Chris, Libby and SeanCampbell have reached down into your subconscious and identified your personal demon. It’s Gary Oldman!

    @JKCarroll, I agree that with LoS, it should still be possible to do stuff as mentioned. I just think that it implies a fine control that ought not be common. But like I said, it’s perfectly acceptible for Red9 to have that level of fine control.

    @Jamma, if you know LoS does not apply based upon personal ability, please don’t cut any vital air or blood tubes in my body!

  13. Starpirates finally made it over here, eh? I would offer you all all of my stuff but I already gave it to the Galaxion fleet when I quit playing about six months back. 😉

    Good stuff on this page.

  14. Okay, I see that you changed “equals” to “equal” to make it singular; but if you’re going that route, then you also need to change “were” to “was”. To wit: “each one of us was basically equal.”
    (I do this out of love, because I LOVE this webcomic/saga!!)

  15. JKCarroll

    @Leland, re: having Gary Oldman as your personal demon, you have to admit that if you want your movie to have a really good baddy, it needs to have Gary Oldman in the part. I mean, there’s the afore-mentioned “Lost in Space” (I can’t imagine anyone else playing Dr. Smith), “The Fourth Element”, the list goes on.

    So who else wants Gary Oldman to do the voice of “Kuu-Drahc, the Apex Speaker” in the film version of “Spacetrawler”? Or better yet: have Gary Oldman be the voice of Krep!

  16. Christopher

    @Tuss4, Ha! (I am not scared I am not scared)
    @Jordan, Yes! Me, i want their little vehicle. So cute!
    @hyloguy, Fixed! And know that I truly appreciate it. I edit these strips dozens and DOZENS of times before they’re ready to go, which means by the end I can be a bit blathering and blind to some of the grammar and spelling. But I, too, want to correct them because I like the strip. 🙂
    @Mr. Paranoid, no, I’m afraid I’ve never seen or played Final fantasy, but that is totally awesome.

  17. Abeo

    About the telekinesis/LoS thingy: if your telekinesis provides sensory feedback then it is totally possible to “feel” your way through solid objects and effect changes with little difficulty. If your telekinesis does NOT provide sensory feedback, it would be incredibly difficult to not cause severe damage to objects you are using it on if you are powerful enough a telekinetic to lift boulders.

    I’m pretty sure Eebs fit into the first category. Otherwise their telekinesis wouldn’t really be an asset in their invention building.

  18. KingInYellow

    I think the stranger, Qwahntoo, was actually the long-necked green being that was standing behind Kuu-Drahc in the 01/31/11 update – Reclaiming Earth’s Seat. The “He is not amused” guy. The body shape is about the same.

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