03/21/12 No Plans Yet


This panel may be my favorite so far. I can just hear Nogg, sounding maybe like Animal from the muppets, in my head.


  1. Joker

    Nog looks oddly adorable laughing. But yeah, I can see how that would kind of happen, if everything is falling apart sometimes oblivion or at least a few happy moments is preferable to facing the enormity of what lays before you.

  2. Lord Morgue

    I wonder how Nog got the Starbanger back off the Eebs?
    And muppet aliens are BEST aliens. My evidence: Farscape and Nexus.
    Spinnerette also has to drink a lot of protein shakes when she has to shoot web.

  3. Krep looks like he’s an angry drunk.

    …then again, he’s an angry sober, so perhaps there’s no noticeable difference. Maybe he’s just slower and less clever with his sarcastic comments when inebriated.

  4. Lukas

    The Keep looks awesome. the perfect view to lay back and watch the galaxy burn, like at the end of Empire Strikes Back. I can’t wait to get to know it’s quirky inhabitants.

    Also, the strips namesake is lost. how do we get back the Spacetrawler?!

  5. WellWellWell

    Wow, just days ago my RPG-group had a moment just like Krep and Nogg seem to be enjoying.

    “Out there in an apocalyptic storm, vicious beastmen brutally attack the rest of the city.
    Lets hole up in this third-rate strip-club and bingedrink until all is over.”

    Man, i spent three solid weeks writing that campaign.
    Maybe I should have eased up on the terror.

  6. Sturm_109

    Wow, great idea,’well the universe is in extreme danger, what do we do?”How about we all get drunk?’Yeah”YEAH”Maybe”Eh, why not’. This comic is great, every moment of it has some worthlessly amazing story, joke, or character. Guy who makes Spacetrawler, you are a genius.

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