03/19/12 Leaving Earth


Have I mentioned how much I like Dr. McNinja? I really like Dr. McNinja. Where the hell does he come up with these screwed up ideas.

Been a long week, but I have successes to shout! Spacetrawler book #2 has been sent to the printer. The two Little Dee anthologies have been sent to the printer. The postcards have been sent to the printer. I’m feeling good. (now I just have the REST of my list to get to!)

I actually took most of Saturday off! We went for a walk, and then to, um, celebrate Saint Patrick’s day we watched an episode of Inspector Montalbano and I drank half of a Guinness. Sicily is near (nearer than here) to Ireland, right?


  1. Corpore Metal

    No, I totally see it. He really is Martina’s father. It’s just that we haven’t seen Martina’s playful impulsiveness for quite a while since the burden of command has sat on her shoulders.

    Anyway, the expression of his face upon being presented with a nice, tasty slice of cake is priceless!

  2. “I red button you!” is my new favorite way to deal with annoyances at work.

    re: Grandmaggots: Why do I get the feeling that, once he got used to the idea, Mr. Zorilla would be okay with whatever half-alien offspring Martina would have brought home? Grandbabies is grandbabies, I guess.

  3. Night-Gaunt

    Martina’s dad has entered his second childhood, irresponsibly compulsive an all. “Red button it” I have to remember that. One way or another it will enter the Urban Dictionary someday.

  4. JKCarroll

    @Christopher, re: Sicily and Ireland, the answer is yes. Believe it or not, the distance between London and Constantinople is less than the distance between New York City and Miami.

  5. Where’s Constantinople? Is that anywhere near Istanbul?

    When I read the word “grandmaggot”, I can’t help but think of David Cronenberg’s “The Fly”.

    Also, TMBG’s “Alphabet of Nations” just came up on shuffle on my computer – Uruguay is one of the nations mentioned in the song. 🙂

  6. TB

    The ultimate “Red Button” was in the movie “Forbidden Planet.” It was located in a large room with a device that had earlier been identified as a training tool for the equivalent of “Krell kindergarteners.”

    In the floor was an irreversible planetary destruct switch. In the same room as a bunch of Krell kids. “What could possibly go wrong?” seems to have been the fundamental creed of the Krell.

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