06/27/12 Dark Planet Revenge Brigade


I am having way too much fun with this wee little side story.

Although I’m in the midst of packing and moving, so my brain for blogging is a bit scarce.


  1. Corpore Metal

    Uh oh, I think this crew of humans is not long for the world. I agree with Frank, “Where are the weapons?” is the first thing they should have asked.

    And I agree with JPThunk, this strip keeps me consistently laughing out loud. Chris has got to be doing something right here.

  2. Christopher

    @Illexsquid. Ha! I’d forgotten that movie. Robert Preston was great in it. Have I made reference to it, or just the general plot of recruiting a human(s) who (for god knows what reason) is the only race in the galaxy who can save the galaxy. 🙂

  3. @Chris, the governmental organization that Centauri (Preston) was recruiting for was called the Star League. I had read that phrase in your previous strip as a Last Starfighter reference myself, but now I can see from a Google search that it comes from other things, such as Battletech.

  4. Illexsquid

    Heh–so it’s James who’s stuck in the ’80s. 🙂 “You have been recruited by the Star League…” Dude finding out aliens are real… for an accidental reference it was well-played!

  5. TB

    Humans aren’t the only race that can save the galaxy. The aliens just use us so often because when things go tits up we’re the most expendable, and generate the least amount of paperwork afterwards.

  6. Wait till the Bollycks Pirates
    hear what they are up against, I bet they never figured out how their cousins lost so badly , and when they see how casually the Humans have prepared , they will mistake ignorance for confidence and a successfull bluff will send terrorfied pirates into retreat.

    Good place for a “Princess Bride” reference.

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