07/01/12 Welcoming The Bollycks


Yup. I’ll be at Convergence in Minneapolis this weekend. Click on this link to find out more details.

Yup. I’ll be at Convergence in Minneapolis this weekend. Click on this link to find out more details.


  1. The Invisible Phan

    “grizzly” = greyish; “grisly” (from the same root as “gristle”) = guts type stuff you probably don’t want to see … you have to wonder if whoever named the bears had a sense of humour …

    As for the poor larper … “come get me out of here right now or I be using your name really loud over the intercom REALLY soon!” of course then he’s gonna realize that if he doesn’t do in the Bollycks then he’s a liability to Norg … so hang up and sic’em on Norg when he comes trying to keep him quiet and use the diversion to escape?

    lol ? we’ll see …

  2. Awesome, I’m so glad you’re coming back to CONvergence (Nerdi Gras) this year! It was fun to meet you last year, my wife and I played a game of Betrayal at House on the Hill with you and our mutual friend Hedgie. See you there!

  3. Prairie

    Hopefully I can get to Convergence and act like a dork. It’s what I do best.

    It’s going to be hotter than 15 goats in a tin shack there. Be prepared for Minnesotans bitching about the weather. Oh, wait… we always bitch about the weather…

  4. Muzhik

    @Prairie, that’s really not fair. After all, what other state in the country has a season named for its’ main activity…

    … Road Repair. (It’s that season between the two weeks of Spring and the three weeks of Summer, just before the one week of Autumn — when the snow falls, that’s why people call it “Fall” — followed by the five months of Winter. Besides, it’s so much easier to fix the roads when the asphalt is naturally melted and flowing from the heat.)

  5. Night-Gaunt

    I admit I didn’t want to see this. I don’t find it funny. It is still done well and I think I know why, these are the guys that failed. The other one that didn’t work out. Sorry this is more of a downer to me.

  6. James Austin

    Little unfortunate to have four of them taken out at once and remove the chance to have them slowly killed off one at a time over 4 or 5 strips…. hmm, I think I need to get out more 😛

  7. Night-Gaunt

    On top of that the only two females are blasted away first. Bummer squared. But I assume they are just to show us the probable real thing that would have happened to them. Or better yet when all the wrong choices are made.

  8. Muzhik

    Alive and in Montana? A likely excuse. Just for that, here’s some beat poetry for you:

    Some people never go insane
    what truly horrible lives
    they must lead.
    Charles Bukowski, “Betting on the Muse”

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