07/23/12 Parting Gifts


So, I’m still in the midst of moving. My “real” scanner is in NY, and I have my old tiny junky one here in Seattle. Which MEANS that the washes didn’t scan right and I couldn’t get them to line up. But, for now, it’s done. Sometime after I get there, I’ll go back and re-scan and fix it all.


Not a lot of link action for you. Been busy packing and cleaning and drawing. My friend Rose has more paintings up for sale over on Etsy. Dan posted a nice story of eating gruel in Egypt over at Cookrookery. Good times.


  1. Christopher

    @jo, Hm. I intended it to come across that the tense situation was so ridiculous that one can only laugh at it. Maybe I’ll tweak the dialogue when i do the rescanning.

  2. A shame that getting to Stumptown Comics Fest won’t be as easy anymore, but so it goes. Have fun over on the other coast.

    Dmitri does seem to have grown in more interesting ways than the other characters, at least in that he’s become something other than the “looking out for #1 (his dick)” kind of guy he was at the beginning. That’s not to say that his other brain doesn’t get the upper hand sometimes, but he spends a lot more time thinking about how he can help other people rather than himself these days.

  3. Joker

    @Jo, I think the humor is this, Dmitri clamped Red-9 to keep him from either causing more havoc inadvertently or on purpose, though only to limit his powers. Thing is Red9 gave Dmitri telekinetic power, full power, and instead Dmitri just shrugged and eliminated it, fearing what he might become. On some level there’s the tension breaking humor but also something…almost pure in it too. Dmitri is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in this story.

  4. Wintercat

    Dimitri is still a character that is larger than life. Though the others have involved themselves in a fight that seems impossible to win (yet where they are eroding the high ground beneath their otherwise unreachable foe), Dimitri has been moving on his own path, with his own purpose, and above all he’s true to himself. He’s one hell of an interesting character, a personality that makes me (and I suspect many others) come back and cheer for him, wanting to see what Dimitri can come up with next.

    I know its unrealistic but I am not above suspecting he’ll end up some sort of ‘Hugh Hefner’ of the galactic society towards the end. The money from the russian delicacies to his account, and his love and appreciation of the alien women, who knows.

    Besides, we’ve already seen that if things get bad, he’s got both willingness to give someone many chances but also to cut the rope if he has to, and to make sure he doesn’t get cut in the process.

  5. Rhadamanthus

    Can someone help me out? Dimitri is speaking about the Eeb-slaughtering-group in the past tense, were they defeated somehow? If so, I missed it. I thought the presen move of the story (beside making the new Eebs “social”) was to stop the killing rampage.

  6. Christopher

    @Rhadamanthus, “Drove them to insanely slaughter the galaxy” I think can be taken as “in the past they were driven” or “in the past they slaughtered.” Should i tweak it? The former was the intended, aka “Drove them to begin to insanely slaughter the galaxy — a task which is currently underway.” 😉

  7. M.A.

    “The Gift of the Magi” on acid — oh yeah, that sounds about right. Have you read Christopher Moore’s “The Stupidest Angel”? It riffs on that story too, plus it’s a Christmas story with zombies. You’d probably like it.

  8. Regarding “drove,” it works fine as is. The action of driving is simple past, and not the slaughter, which is still ongoing.

    It’s like saying “I drove my younger brother to the DMV six days ago so he could get his license, and they still haven’t called his number to take the test.”


  9. Thomas S

    On a note on drinking obsessively, when will Dimitri’s liver pack it in? Might it have to then be merged with a Mihrrgoot liver ? Is there an equivalent of AA in Space? Might Dimitri’s liver become Sentient – and where is Matina – Dimitri needs her fashion smarts ….

  10. How does Dimitri know that all of the peoples harmed by Eebs will be kind and forgiving when they find a population of defenseless Eebs?

    This just would have no hope of working amoung humans , but perhaps in this galaxie Humans are uniquely nasty and vengefull.

  11. Oh BTW if I were Red -9 I would set Dimitri on fire at this point, unless of course being brainclamped made me love Luddites.
    Since Dimitri must be about 150 proof I wouldn’t expect him to resist fire as well as he might resist freezeing.

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