07/18/12 Telekinetic Removal


I blame all this moving/traveling, but I was remiss in my duties and with Monday’s strip when I intended-to-but-forgot to blog that Haldeyis’s upbringing was inspired by my good friend and writing go-to guy Daniel from his story “How The Remora Began” which he wrote and I illustrated back in 2006.

You may note I’m skating around the issue of HOW human and eeb DNA is connected, know that I have it planned and will connect the dots, but in my own sweet time.


  1. I am mildly curious what skin tone the new Eebs will have. The test tube babies still have the same green hue.

    And if Ceyx is alluding to what I think they are alluding too, I hope we don’t see a “green eebs ensalve (color XP) eebs” development later.

  2. Corpore Metal

    I don’t know. I think this solution is going to be a lot more messy than these ebbs and Dimitri seem to think. What if the rampaging, telekinetic ebbs decide to discriminate against the free but non-telekinetic ones? I think the seeds of racism and bigotry are lurking here.

  3. Night-Gaunt

    Considering how brilliant Eebs are others should notice it immediately. If not sooner. That could lead to conflict when they decide that the other colored Eebs are without the telekinetic abilities and could lead to civil war. But that is how I think of things.

  4. @Christopher, I just feel like the overt declaration of skin color differences combined with the established sociopathy of the army of freed Eebs currently rampaging across the galaxy brings some very dark subject matter to my mind.

  5. Christopher

    @Dave, well, there is the oppression of a made-disadvantaged population on the table, but if you’re thinking the rest is any parallel to human racial issues, I don’t intend to be going down that path at all and don’t think the “skin color” issues will be similar to any skin color issues we have here.

    @Matt, or a mustache and glasses. πŸ˜‰

  6. ronald

    My apologies, but I’ve lost track of how an army of NON-powered Eebs have any effect on dealing with the threat posed by MEGA-powered Eebs. I’m sure it’s THERE, I just don’t remember. Sorry.

  7. Muzhik

    Here’s a question: is the TK genetic structure dominant or recessive? What will happen if one of the handful of TK eebs no on the IA Starbanger mates with one of the non-TK eebs? Will the children be only mildly TK (Think “The Long ARM of Gil Hamilton” by Larry Niven — excellent read if you haven’t already) or will it be where, out of a family of 4 kids two will be “playing catch” (as it were) with the other two? Or will the TK ability drop out of sight for a generation or two?

    Of course, I HOPE you’re not going to do something really unnatural with the modified Eeb’s color. Nothing violet or mauve, you understand. Perhaps a pale sky blue…

  8. Evil Midnight Lurker

    @Muzhik, thanks to the stories I mentally associate with Gil Hamilton’s powers, I’m now imagining a bunch of classic Eebs with Stands from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. o.O;

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