08/19/12 Krep Self-Motivates


Had a full week. Aside from working, my girlfriend and I drove over to Rutland, VT and hiked Bald Mountain. Not sure why it was called that, maybe once upon a time there were less trees (which obstructed a lot of the view). But it was a lovely hike, and felt nice to be among the feel of woods I grew up with.

And on Sunday, when I was supposed to be working (and missed an important call because I was caught up in it — so sorry, Fes!), I built a shelf in the kitchen. We LOVE to cook, and there is are so little cupboard space, this was a fun project that greatly helped our kitchen. And looking at, it, I’m kinda proud.

And here is me looking cocky with a drill. I DO love making things — be it comic, plot, painting, bread, or shelf.


  1. Prairie

    Did you design that shelf system or did it come like that? That is so cool! The box idea for the cookbooks is brilliant! And having the narrow shelves on the bottom is good for so many reasons. Well done Mr. Look-at-me-I’m-so-Handy-I-can-use-a-Drill-and-that-Chuck-Thingey-that-you-use-to-Change-the-Bit.

    R.Bones is very like the more dogmatic activists I’ve known (of every stripe). Most situations are incredibly complex and full of people who believe they’re doing the right thing on all sides. Black and white answers are not sufficient to solve gray problems. “Facts” and lived “experience” are just so pesky.

  2. Christopher

    @Prairie, Thanks! 3 pieces of wood that were 3 different widths. The rest were just measuring and saws and screws. 🙂 The cookbook thing was an afterthought with the scraps of wood I had left, and it’s actually just sitting there so it can be shifted if need be for the things up top, or put someplace else altogether. 🙂

    And I agree about extremists. I think they are important in framing a debate by showing the outside views (some I sometimes even agree with), but it’s usually grey-areas and finding middle ground in the end.

    And @Captain_Jack and @Prairie, you two are reminding me of the joke: how do you tell the difference between a zepplin and [insert politician you don’t like]? One is a flaming Nazi gas bag, the other is just a dirigible. (and on THAT note, I’m not opposed to the occasional actual relevant political comment, but let’s keep party bashing away to keep this board from going sour).

  3. CompaniaHill

    Sigh. Party bashing is always so much fun because it’s so easy to believe your side is right and the other side are morons. Sadly, the media seems to take the lazy way out and only cover the “he said, she said” without reporting the reality behind either side. I’m so tired of hearing arguments like “he said the sky is red, she said the sky is green” when it’s clearly a beautiful deep purple.

    @CJ and @P: Two.

  4. Muzhik

    @CompaniaHill, reminds me of my high school algebra class, where we would have long discussions over the color of the scratch paper: was it light violet or dark pink?

    @Christopher, That’s sick. You have all your ingredients hanging out, in the open, NAKED!

    On the one hand, you never have to hunt for that one bottle of the dark stuff with the white label and the greenish metal lid, because it’s right there on the second shelf down on the right. On the OTHER hand, you always have to be NEAT! Otherwise, you won’t be able to fit things on the shelf where they belong. And you never experience the thrill of discovery, trying to remember behind which cupboard door you put the bottle of the dark stuff with the white label and the greenish metal lid.

    Oh, and if that’s honey in the squeeze bottle on left side of the middle shelf, PLEASE tell me it’s from a local apiary (organic optional and probably overpriced).

  5. Christopher

    @Muzhik, not honey, it’s “Thai and True” chili sauce from Portland! Good stuff (and a local alternative to Siracha) (well, it WAS local when I lived out west).

    Yes, neatness and discovery are always in high pitched waged battle. But you’ll be pleased to know that the dark stuff with the white label and the greenish metal lid (coffee grounds, actually) has been relegated again to the cupboards. 😉

  6. Corpore Metal

    So Krep has figured out where Martina is hiding out. That seems rather ominous to me. Krep really isn’t known for keeping his mouth shut, if the wrong people hear him grumbling about it. Martina’s in a bad fix.

    Anyway, I agree with Chris: discussions of current US politics will only generate hard feelings and distract us from the wonderful story he has been so good as to share with us.

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