08/15/12 – Krep And Rikshaw


Not a lot new. House stuff. As mentioned, we pulled up the wall-to-wall carpet in the front room. Not an enormous room, but it also wasn’t tiny. Not knowing what to do with it, I rolled it, bent it in half, and stuffed it in the garbage bin. In the morning while lying in bed I heard the garbage truck. I threw back the curtain in excitement, and watched with glee when they took the damn thing.

We saw a bench for sale after walking downtown to go to the post office. We called the number, dropped the requested $10 in the mailbox, and carried it home for our porch.


  1. Hg

    You’ve got a typo there! Row 3, panel 4, Krep says “telekentic” instead of “telekinetic”. Also, the word “psychopaths” (plural of psychopath) shouldn’t have an apostrophe in it.

  2. Jo

    Just love Rikshaw’s mad eyes. He and Krep are the same colour – are they somehow related?

    BTW, you’ve written “G.O.B.” in panel 4 and plain “GOB” in panel 5. You might want to add some full stops (or what you Americans call ‘periods’ I think… yuck). Also you can lose the apostrophe in “psycopath’s” in panel 10 – it’s just a plural, not a possessive.


  3. ronald

    @Jo: If you look closely enough, you’ll see Rikshaw’s skin is just a BIT darker than Krep’s. 🙂

    Plus there’s the whole entirely different species thing and all…

    They do both have more than two legs, though, so there’s that. 😉

  4. Galane

    “Let’s blow up the government.” a bit more drastic than “Let’s blow up the tow truck.” 😉

    Anyone else remember Krypton? Some guy in the 80’s, that song and one or two others were frequently played on Dr. Demento.

  5. Thomas S

    I’ve tried kabooming, you really cant get good kaboom sticks at the local shopping mall, nor at the local hardware, apparently some place called ‘army’ has some – it’s the start of a terrible conspiracy, and if you look into it too, then you will think as I do now – for example, did you know that the army is owned by the Government …

  6. Christopher

    @ABQJohn, apparently in this town, you simply roll it, fold it once, and stuff it overflowing into the bin. 😉

    Kidding, that’s an excellent idea. And I had brought the utility knife out with me when dealing with the thing, in case I felt I needed to. I decided to cross my fingers and only use the utility knife later if they DIDN’T take it. 🙂

  7. Corpore Metal

    Well, Rickshaw is a revolutionary and a true believer in bringing about change *by any means necessary.* Always a very dangerous combination. He’s the Bolshie, the jihadi, the Reign of Terror. He is that road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

    Nogg is the basically the hapless liberal of Interplanet Amity who talks and talks, frets and wrings his hands (Or fins.) but never really is ready to make the sacrifices to bring about a better world.

    This presents a problem for Krep.

    There were times when he was willing to do some pretty scummy things, like killing the Mihrrgoot King’s lover before Pierrot stunned him. Yet there were times when Krep relented from his congenital jerkiness and even cut Nogg some slack by giving him a sandwich.

    Tough to guess how this will pan out!

  8. Muzhik

    @TB, I was thinking of that deer I butchered, and the occasional rabbit. What were YOU thinking of?

    (I have to be careful not to process deer and rabbits together. I like how they both taste, but most people …

    … (wait for it) …

    … don’t like finding hares in their food.

  9. Captain Jack

    @Thomas S; First, to get really GOOD boom sticks you have to make them yourself from scratch.

    Second, NEVER NEVER NEVER ask the Government if they have a file on you- As soon as you leave, they’ll open one.

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