08/29/12 Yuri Awakens


We missed you, Yuri.

Good lord, not a single thing has happened since I posted my last strip. I don’t think I’ve read any particularly interesting blogs or links either. The toothpick thing was neat. Listening to “The Hunger Games” on audiobook, I made a pie, sat in the yard with the cat, pondered rewriting the Arthurian legends, walked to the library. That kind of thing.


  1. CBob

    @Jo: It’s a Japanese candy product. Imagine breadsticks about the diameter of chopsticks, made of cookie and half dipped in chocolate. Outside of Japan they’ve become popular among the… I wanna say “weebo”, but I guess “Japanophile” is maybe the more PC term… subculture due to them being seen in manga and anime.

  2. Thomas S

    I’m somewhat relieved to see Yuri smile in the last panel – but I have no idea who or how she is going to be within the Spacetrawler Universe. She scares me. More than the unclamped Eeb army. It’s her humanity that was important and now its really thin on the ground for all the augmentation, scarring and mental alteration she has done to herself. Anticipating much I cannot anticipate in this regard. I am completely out of anticipatiory capabilities.

  3. Vincent G

    Opps? On the 14th panel (nest to last) Yuri is holding Nogg with her left hand, which does not have a hard, it is a red ball thingy…

    Unless it is supposed to be capable of opening or something?

  4. Night-Gaunt

    I just love Yuri, just sorry she is such a psychopathic killer aka terminator now. And does she miss her writing and drawing hand? How much of her is left I wonder? I guess no handy places to take Yuri to have her brain rewired to her old self.

  5. Prairie

    @KarlMonster it’s the controller to turn Yuri off. She got it off Nogg somehow. Or, more likely, someone stole it for her and turned her back on. I’m trying to remember who all is on that ship at this point to figure out whodunnit. Maybe bar bot/therapy bot thought it could patch her up some more?

    I feel sad for the loss of cutie pie geek Yuri. But even if she get’s better, she’ll never be the same.

    Alas, poor Yuri, we knew her well….

  6. Muzhik

    @Prairie, no, both Therapy-bot and Bar-Bot are back on the IA Starbanger, now under psycho-eeb control. This is one of the Dark Greased Light ships that the Mihrrgoot king used to rescue the gang.

    My guess is that it was Red-9. She has more than a little of the Trickster in her. She’d want to turn Yuri back on just to see what awesome thing would happen.

  7. Michael

    I… freaken… LOVE pocky! It is delicious! I found some at a local store… my wallet was empty and I had a bag full of those delicacies when I walked out. And now I’m hungry…


    Chris, I gotta say your humor, and just the subtle little ways you slip that humor into this comic, has me literally giggling, and I’m a 40+ year old man not some pre-teen, pimply-faced… giggler. Just the simple “HEY”s in the last two panels has me cracking up. I’ve come back to this comic three times now and laughed each time. Well done, and thank you for such an awesome comic.

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