09/10/12 Safe In The Ship


Do you remember Hein? I know that I wouldn’t have. So here’s a helpful link to where she was mentioned!

As many of you know, I blog occasionally with my cohorts Dan and Matt over on Cookrookery. It’s been a crazy busy year or so for me and I have not updated much, but I did. And it’s about avocados and pie crust. Hopefully I’ll start doing that again more, I think my interest in baking has been re-ignited a bit.

Thanks to those of you who were in Plattsburgh and came and said hello to Mike and I (despite being washed out by tornado warnings and downpours). Those of you who are 5th grade teachers or know 5th grade teachers, there are teacher’s guides for all those books. Contact Mike.

And I want to keep driving this home: those near or accessible to the DC area, I will be tabling and paneling in the D.C. area September 21-13 as a guest at InterventionCon. Last year I was there and had a great time and really enjoyed it. It is geeky and friendly and has a really great guest list of people with time and space to meet each one.


  1. Muzhik

    Gotta love it when the friend of a friend keeps looking from the “letter of introduction” over to you, back to the letter, over to you, and starts giggling. Or when you’re meeting someone for the first time; they say, “So-and-so has told me SO much about you,” and the first though in your head is “Oh, sh*t.”

    @Christopher, think of the baking thing as a form of nesting. You’re in a new place and you’re trying to make it smell like you. Avocados and apple pie spice. Talk about your West Coast experiences.

  2. KingInYellowTatters

    Thanks so much to both you and Mike for the books. The weather was wild there for a while but it fortunate things settled down and wound up so beautiful for the final day. It was a pleasure meeting you both. 🙂

  3. Filipe

    No one takes him seriously, not even after getting that little scar.

    Fresh avocado is about 70% water and 20% lipid, butter is around 80% lipid and 15% water. Based on lipid level, to replace 1.75 sticks of butter (~200g) you’d need around 800g of fresh avocado pulp, giving 400g for your half-recipe. An average avocado is about 100g so my guess is your crust is hard because it severely lacks fat.

  4. Corpore Metal

    My guess is Hein just read in the letter of introduction that Pierrot saved the King’s lover from Krep and so, in the King’s opinion, he’s an alright joe. That and the mere fact Pierrot seems able to tell one mihrrgoot from another speaks well of him.

  5. BlueNight

    okay, that settles it. There are certain voices I hear when I read comics, and for some reason, in my head, Pierrot sounds like Wilt from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

  6. Vincent G

    Is that the Montreal’s Olympic Stadium forming part of “the Keep” space station in the first panel?
    If so, I can see that the roof problem was finally addressed…

  7. Christopher

    @Muzhik, it is a kind of nesting. New home, new leaf, new pie crust. 🙂
    @KingInYellowTatters, thank you, and it was great meeting you!
    @Filipe, a friend was telling me the same thing. I’m considering what kind of oil or the like would be good to supplement it with. Probably try 2 avocados and 1/2 cup coconut oil, if my math is right.
    @Vincent G, hahahahahah! I think it is. 😉

  8. zb

    I am now feeling a bit stupid because a) I have no idea how Hein ended up in their ship, let alone decided to attack them, and b) I don’t get the “he’s an easy one” line.

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