04/02/12 Setting Out


Had a fun time this weekend at the Emerald City Comic Con (even being WAY over-tired on Sunday). So many people to link to, so I’ll just highlight a few (I did just create a long list of quick links, and then in tiredness, lost them). I was sitting as ever with TopatoCo (thank you guys, so awesome!) between the very talented Jhonen Vasquez of “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac” and “Invader Zim” (pic above, sitting behind me) and Tyson Hesse of “Boxer Hockey” (which I’ve been so meaning to read, and so we traded books, and it is great) (pic of his comic below).

Also got to talk a bit with Mark Monlux, a local toonsmith, who does the webcomic “The Comic Critic.” His comic reviews films, and when you buy a book, he asks you what film you’d like to be in and then he draws you in it. I was VERY tired, and so “Star Wars” was all that came to mind. All fine and good. And then I read his little extra blurb, and once my mind caught up with the joke, I had a good laugh.


  1. Lord Morgue

    Have I ever mentioned how much I love the way Gurf wears his belt up to his armpits like a grandpa?
    And Emily’s looking a lot more femmy these days, is this because with Martina gone she’s the token chick, or because Pierrot bonked the tomboy right out of her? She reminds me a little bit of Soolin from Blakes 7 now, but also of the way Aeon Flux used to let her hair down just before she’d get killed…

  2. Corpore Metal

    Well, while Emily looks just fine as a diplomat of planet Dustinia, I already miss her hat and duster! Here’s hoping she gets in a fight and has to ask an autotailor to synthesize a coat and hat for her!

    And yes! Dusty is going to do a good thing in spite of himself!

  3. Christopher

    @Coyoty, Phil Foglio was a huge influence on the way I do cartoony faces, for sure.

    @Lord Morgue, I’d say the three main factors are that they want to appear unified and more like diplomats than brute force, a kind nod to Martina’s loving of new outfits, and that she is having satisfying plenty of satisfying lovemaking. But she hasn’t gone soft, and it wasn’t because I needed a girl since Martina was away (I just don’t think/write like that).

    @Corpore_Metal, clothes seem to come and go in this strip, who knows! 😉

    @Max, when in doubt, look at the tags below the blog QC

  4. Christopher

    @Prairie, ha! The fool am I. Added, although I guess I hadn’t put it in before because he’s not actually in this strip. Ah well, there he is, in the tags. 🙂

  5. Julia

    Is there a way to use a tag other than to click it at the bottom of the strip. For example, if you hadn’t added a tag for QC, could we still look for all the strips where you did tag him (her?)?

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