09/19/12 Ites In Jail


I did an interview with the Webcomics Beacon – Go listen to it! The Webcomics Beacon will also be at InterventionCon (where I’ll be this weekend, see below)!

Yes: those near or accessible to the DC area, I will be tabling and paneling in Rockville MD (the D.C. area) September 21-23 as a guest at InterventionCon. Last year I was there and had a great time and really enjoyed it. It is geeky and friendly and has a really great guest list of people with time and space to meet each one.

Here’s the schedule of panels I’ll be on (the full InterventionCon schedule is here)

Friday 5pm: “Designing Your First Book”

Panelists: Chris Flick, Barb Fischer, Christoper Baldwin, Chris Impink

Friday 7pm: “How to Survive as a Writer in the Business of Webcomics, Comics and Other Visual Media”
Panelists: Tony DiGerolamo, H. Caldwell Tanner, Christopher Baldwin

Saturday 3pm: “Back in my day: The webcomic veterans panel”
Panelists: Christopher Baldwin, Shaenon Garrity, Jennie Breeden, Danielle Corsetto


  1. Joal

    Just as a change from nitpicking the comic, I’ll say I liked this one – a real game changer, although I can’t say that the furryites thing came as a surprise – I guess that their last known location being near Eebongbong wasn’t a coINCidence after all. 😉

    I’m kind of curious about how this cell works – and how they will be able to get out of it now.

  2. ronald

    Considering he just found out people (including Nogg) have been eating “developmentally challenged” sentient beings all this time, Pierrot rolls with the punch pretty well.

    And no doubt it’s no coincidence that the only place we’ve seen the GOB keep Furryites is on a planet whose native inhabitants the GOB has classified as non-sentient.

  3. zb

    D’oh, I finally realized that the green glow is only around the center of the room. I think. The way it’s drawn I thought at first that it was some sort of trippy lightshow or fog that was filling the entire room.

  4. Christopher

    @zb, i wondered if I blurred it too much. I’m thinking of tightening up the glow lines when I make the several text edits. But…. right now I’m trying to get Monday’s strip done before I leave for DC for the convention this weekend, so I might not get to it for a few days. 🙂

  5. Corpore Metal

    Holy Ned! The origin of the furryites! Qwahntoo’s conspiracies just get deeper and deeper. Poor Nogg, he’s gonna have to give up his favorite dish! Pierrot’s intuition and sympathy for the furryites was correct!

  6. TB

    If it hasn’t been done already many times, may I express my great appreciation for all the tags that allow me to go back and look at all the previous mentions of a specific person, place, item, or species? This is immensely useful, and should be a feature of all online comics. Especially “Girl Genius.”

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