09/24/12 Uniting With Ites


Hey Everyone. I had a great time at InterventionCon. Annnnd…. when this strip goes up, I’ll probably still be traveling on my way back home toodling along the road, so I am brief on the blog.

Hi! Thanks for all of you who got to come out. :)


  1. Muzhik

    This is why you don’t take your dates home to meet your family on a first date. Wait until she’s accepted your insanity before you show her where you got it.

    (Oh, and make sure you get your dog fixed. Those diTHERkers look a little too friendly, if you know what I mean.)

  2. heng

    what exactly would “seem sane and sensitive” to beings from a different universe? i wonder…
    i mean, i sometimes trouble over the exact definition with people from different times/backgrounds/countries/offices…

  3. Night-Gaunt

    It use to be that there were no spaces between words so it was just a longinvolvedsentencethateveryoneread. Much better now, please don’t backslide!?

    So the best way to fix the two problems is to let the bad guy destroy the psycho Eebs then destroy him right after.

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