10/15/12 Twenty Minutes


I had a good weekend. Had an idea for a new novel, and like a fool i wrote a few chapters rather than working on the current one. It’d be more frustrating if they weren’t really good. I know, real problems, right? Also went canoeing, possibly the last of the season, although it was a bit difficult finding a lake. A short hike. Some random wandering. Oh, and last week I went to a model drawing studio. Been a while since I’ve done that and I feel rusty as far as the representation goes, but I was very pleased with the control I’ve developed with washes over the last couple years.


  1. Winterfeline

    Dimitri adds so much to this tale with his own ideas. He’s an amusing fellow that is neither a ‘boy scout’ nor a ‘bastard’ (Paragon or Renegade) but instead walks a path for himself, being both charming and sweet and hilariously underhanded when necessary. He doesn’t come off as evil but clever and resourceful, he’s not out to do harm, but he’s also not stupid enough to trust folks he knows may well betray him soon. Though he’s willing to make them think he is, and if they prove to be good friends to him, he’ll respect and return that friendship.

    For a while it seemed he had stepped out of the main adventuring party, but he’s a great character on his own too, and his own ‘group’ has become quite amusing as well already. Though there is one thing that worries me a touch about him.

    They are still calling Earth-folk Dustinians. That’s no good.

  2. Ah, yes. Hitting up life drawing classes with NEW SKILLS. The last few times I did life drawing, I brought my laptop and Illustrator and got some very odd looks. But it’s what I can work in without having to stop and think about the medium.

    The disconnect between “gotten a little worse in working from life” and “technique has advanced a lot” is fascinating, isn’t it? Now I want to go again, because it’s been a few months since the last time.

  3. Wellwellwell

    Wow, nice sketch!
    I evny your skill!

    anatomical nagging, though: the breast is positioned quite a bit too low on the thorax.
    (also she has quite the hollow back and long forearms, but that is not uncommen. A breast inserting far below the sternum isnt)
    Nonetheless: envy!

  4. KarlMonster

    Something is horribly wrong in this strip! I can’t see Dmitri’s drink.

    Chris. Throwing out a few chapters for a future novel idea may be the best thing that you could have done in that situation. I find that the writing itself relieves some creative “pressure”. Its easier to focus on the job at hand without new ideas kicking you in the right hemisphere. Knowing that you have some solid material to go to (when you’re done with this one!) may actually help you focus. Its a twisted kind of intellectual blackmail.

    At the same time, lock away the new fledgeling manuscript. It will only give you new ideas.

  5. Christopher

    @Egypt_Urnash, there are plenty out there. Too bad we never though to meet up at one. :-/

    @KarlMonster, with any luck I won’t have to lock it away more than a day or two. Ohhhh, what i wouldn’t give for more time! And what a week to decide to draw multiple strips of a zillion-alien backgroundd at the GOB!

    @zb, the problem was that at one point I changed the second one to “ten” (probably for spacing reasons). On final edit I saw the error, but there wasn’t room to write out “twenty” in the second instance, and it left a big gap to write “20” in the first. Curses!

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