11/12/12 Burnill University


Thank goodness. I’ve been fighting some sort of cold or flu for the past week. It hasn’t laid me up, it’s just made my brain slow and sapped my energy. Fun fun. But it FEELS like I might be on my way out of it (I say, crossing my fingers).

Sunday night, we saw the play “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress” at SUNY Adirondack Community College. A fun cast and good production, and damn, Alan Ball can write.

Shout outs: Thanks for the mention by Gary over at Fleen regarding me hitting my 300th strip a couple strips back. And lastly, but not leastly, thank you veterans for everything you’ve done.


  1. Muzhik

    @Sabreur and @mrtt, of course, after the bounty hunter has done its work, a student protest must be organized to protest the university’s actions in helping to capture the notorious terrorist/freedom fighter, and their outrage will only be resolved when the administration promises to use part of the bounty to fund a department chair in the Gilmiet Literature department, said chair named for Martina. Various stores around the university will start selling tee shirts and posters with an iconic image of Martina’s face, looking heroic, with the single word “MARTINA”. And Dimitri will be a major shareholder in the company that makes and sells the shirts as well as the “MARTINA”-branded coffee cups, book bags, and beer bongs.

  2. Pete Rogan

    The way I see it, he said, you just can’t win it. Everybody’s in it for their own gain. You can’t please ’em all. There’s always somebody calling you down. I do my best, and I do good business. There’s a lot of people askin’ for my time. They’re trying to get ahead. They’re trying to be a ‘good friend’ of mine.

  3. Wellwellwell

    Again I am astounded how different the wolrd is in america!
    In Germany, where the higer education is nearly free (about 700 Dollars per semester, and of course you have to live on your own money, as long as you are not part of the ca 30% students who qualify for social- or performance-related financial help) most professors and Ph.D. students are quite unconcerned about money.

    *Na nana naanaa*

  4. Muzhik

    @Wellwellwell, I beg to differ. It’s simply moves the money concerns to the back rooms where the children don’t have to worry about it. Pull the curtain aside, and you’ll see groups of slightly stooped people with faces like sour persimmons who actually do the administration of the school. Instead of using their long, gnarled fingers to pluck at the sleeves of rich donors, they pluck at the sleeves of the politicians who sit on the committees that disburse tax funds to the universities. This allows the children to focus on writing learned thesis on Goethe, work on discovering new nuclear particles, and designing examples of soul-numbing architecture, all while occasionally breaking off pieces of the library to snack on.

  5. Christopher

    @Hg, doh! Will fix!

    @stevegallacci, I love Dresden Codak (did a fill-in even, a while back), but um, what is different about this character from previous ones?

    @Thomas, “burn-ill.” And nope, no connection. 🙂

    @Pete_Rogan, ahhh, i love me some Joni Mitchell. <3

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