11/14/12 Return To Anxe’s Bar


They were in Anxe’s Bar previously, here.

Busy busy busy. My Nanowrimo is coming along. A little behind, only at 12628 and should be 21666, but I seem to work in large spurts, and tomorrow is designated Nanowrimo writing day for me and I only need to write 10705 to catch up. Writing Club is Thursday, so I need to finish up something for that as well. I just finished coloring a freelance job, and have a couple others waiting in the wings. Thinking about the vague general concept of packing, but not much deeper than that. We have ’til the end of the month, right? Went to open studio drawing again. Here’s what I got. The gears are turning for what style I may work in for my next project once Spacetrawler is over, so this studio drawing has been a good time to just let loose and play with the medium.

Lastly, it’s mid-November. And as you’re thinking about holidays gifts, know that if you buy any gifts or gift certificates from Amazon,  if you do so by going there through my LINK RIGHT HERE, I will earn a decent percentage from the sale of almost anything you purchase (or put in your cart) on that visit. So, please, support my work from almost zero effort and no money from your end. (or, of course, as always, my books and Merch over at TopatoCo too).


  1. fishboy

    Also not really nitpicking but you spelled ‘Luunock’ in two different ways. I can’t remember which is right..

    Also: Krep and Dimitri – two guys with their drinking priorities firmly in place.

  2. Night-Gaunt

    Interesting to see a being whose mouth parts had developed into grasping hands. And is the bartender! What would be interesting is watch him talk with those two arms and not slip a syllable.

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