11/19/12 The Surrender Debate


Man am I brain dead. Three days of painting trim on the new apartment, I can barely see straight.


  1. Those translator chips must be really good. Spanish has no “for crying out loud” (they never found a good alternative to “for God’s sakes”, “for the love of God”, “in the name of God”, etc)

    And Martina seems to remember why Lunock is in the stacks in the first place. Hint: it wasn’t because of his exceptional subtlety.

    @Tony: Probably like the twin towers. It’s kinda the same shape (and if they’re biological in origin*, probably held up in a similar way)

    *Coral, Termite mounds, bodies of deceased giants, just to name a few

  2. Hg

    whengreg is correct that Martina should say “Horde”. Unless the bounty is on display? That might qualify as a hoard. 😀

    Also, in the same speech bubble, there should be an apostrophe in “It’s my fault” (contraction of it is, in this context).

  3. Hg

    I’m sure I come across as very pedantic, frequently commenting about typos. That’s really not my intent! I love this comic, and just don’t want to see silly little quibbles (which are ultimately unimportant compared to the incredible writing and humour) end up marring the print collections.

  4. CBob

    @ Raven Stomdans: there are types of second degree burns which can kill off hair follicles, but heal well enough to produce little or no visible scarring. I had a professor once who got knocked out while playing on a frozen lake as a kid, and spent about twenty minutes face down on the ice before someone found him. His face was fine, but all the follicles on his left cheek were killed, so as an adult he had to shave fastidiously or he’d start to show stubble/beard on only one side.

    I’ve got a few little hairless bits here and there on my hands from misadventures with chemicals or heat (I’ve got lots of artistic hobbies).

  5. KarlMonster


    Well, you know the rumor that if you shave off all of your hair, it grows back slightly differently? It turns out that living in slightly different gravity, fondling giant slugs, and enraging insane pyromaniac Eebs can also influence that outcome.

    And Luunock is awesome! He served Martina a pistol with her tea!

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