11/26/12 Luunock’s Stand


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Yay! Comments are back up and running!
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Moving the last of it today, so doing this from my phone.

Comments appear to be down. And on a rather commentable strip! Ah well. I tried sone things, and have now asked Corey to help. Hopefully back up soon.

And now (from me trying to fix THIS problem) the “email author” page isn’t working, so if you need to contact me, go: here.
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Didn’t I just move four months ago? Answer: why yes, I did. Well… my girlfriend and I decided the east-coast apartment we found sight-unseen from craigslist while we were still on the west-coast was truly in many ways not what it was cracked up to be. For various reasons. And so we began looking and this weekend we moved to the new place, which we both adore. Lots of work, but good endings. Slept in it last night and it felt like home.

We had a lovely Thanksgiving (and hope you did as well). We drove out to my mom’s, and it was a long afternoon/night of food, talk, and a wood fire. Complaints? No sirreee.

And lastly, thank you for all of you who have been using the Amazon link here to buy all your gifts etc, I appreciate the support.


  1. That moment when you’re thinking someone REALLY needs his whiskers trimmed and a land glider does it.

    Nrell should have stuck to headhunting sponsors instead of sponsoring headhunting.

    I think Martina may be reconsidering her passivity. Revenge 101 is a course best served cold.

  2. Galane

    He’s an alien, with a translator. Usual translation issues + individual temperament about giving a #$^@ about grammar results in ‘that’ coming out in the translation instead of ‘which’.

    But if he mixed up the use of then and than or a and an, I’d have to stomp his tentacles for doing it.

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