11/28/12 Krep’s Appeal


****** EDIT ******
Yay! Comments are back up and running!
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Sorry, the comments are still down. Hopefully will be back up soon.

No internet at home either (soonest they can connect us is Monday) and so I’m at the Rock Hill Bakehouse drinking hot chocolate. Life is very rough.

The move went well, the cats aren’t freaking out, my girlfriend made hummus, and the strip is done and uploaded. True I can’t provide comments, but I can still give you the strip. All is right enough in my world.

So, maybe I’ll spend the week working on the novel. To relax. Because I’m like that.

Hope your week is good too.


  1. Thomas S

    And after a delay when the commentary section below the webcomic page had fumbled for a while out of order, we now have normal complimentary commentary provided. What may the collective wisdom of our readers have to offer? All I have to offer is that Krep is a lousy shrink, and Martina needs some gnatty wardrobe options to really demonstrate her confidence.

  2. TB

    Okay, I’ve stopped wondering how Martina is going to die, and I’ve started wondering why she hasn’t attempted suicide five or six times already.

    To be fair, it was Red-9 who released the genocidal Eebs.

  3. Man. If only Martina hadn’t rushed into that space station guns-a-blazing to single-handedly slaughter all of those workers and then turned the Eebs psychotic with reckless abandon and then gleefully let them loose on the Universe with nary a thought as to the consequences! Then maybe she wouldn’t have suffered so much! But I guess she hasn’t got anyone else to blame for this but herself. And it’s not like the rest of the universe isn’t paying for her mistakes. Ruthless little sociopath has to pay the piper for getting her homicidal jollies. At least it’ll teach her the value of restraint!

  4. Night-Gaunt

    Glad to finally get to post. Was such a long time holding it in. Poor Martina, still another bit of crap in her life to her love. She is still damaged and forced back into the frey. And the pep talk is more dyspeptic than pep.

  5. Night-Gaunt

    Right Joe England, no one else had anything to do with it. The Eebs hadn’t been used as slaves for millennium by all those races. Not one of them came to their aid. No one was killing them when they were of no use. Like old batteries. Sure blame it all on Martina.

  6. TB

    I got what you meant, Joe.

    Martina is one of those sweet and gentle personalities who will put the weight of the world on her own shoulders even if she has to pry it off someone else’s shoulders with a crowbar.

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