01/15/13 King and Oohlooh Visit


Monday was gorgeous, and I took off the middle of the day to walk along the river with my girlfriend. We packed hot rice and beans in two thermoses, and tea in another, and sat on a bench and ate lunch in the sun with trees protecting us from the chill breeze. A good afternoon.

Good days. Aside from stress. I ended up making the mint chocolate fudge (f%@ckin’ divine), if that is any baraometer. I need to find someone to play racquetball with. Hitting a ball hard is in my scope of need these days.

Christopher Hastings has a new Dr McNinja collection out, “Timefist,” I’m excited about that.

Oh. Huh. I just noticed. Haldeyis is not glowing. I will fix that tomorrow.


  1. Corpore Metal

    Ah, poor Dimitri. Now that he actually has a job everything sucks. I think he was hoping for Oohlooh to take over for him.

    “We find most behavior in the galaxy rather depressing.”

    Humans on the Earth–yeah, I can relate.

  2. Winterfeline

    I can see that Dimitri is feeling the effects of the job. Its sad to see his magnificient bastard style cramped by the politics and the rough share of job he has to do. No time to immunise himself to more weapons fire or seduce more interesting alien ladies.

    Hopefully he’ll hire himself some semi-dependable people to assist with things at some point, but guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

  3. @Kathleen: Why would he do that? You think he’s Rickshaw’s inside man? (Hmm… now that’s an interesting prospect. Let the wild mass guessing begin!)

    @Joal: Well, those ancillary reports must be pretty depressing. I notice Shiax or Kuu-Drahc never looked this tired. I get the feeling Dimitri may be the first one in that seat who’s actually doing any work!

    And hey! Haledavis isn’t glowing! (which I totally missed until you pointed it out)

  4. Nathanyel

    I really underestimated Dimitri at the beginning of the comic, thought him to be the “comic relief/cliche ladies’ man”.
    Now he is my favorite character (though Martina, Pierrot and Emily are close behind)

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