01/14/13 Party Time


Thank you Frank for the fun Youtube link to a laserharp video, which closely resembled Nogg’s instrument of choice.

I’m reading Sword At Sunset for the Classic Genre Fiction book group I participate in over at Goodreads. I couldn’t find it on audiobook, but being that I was the one who suggested it, I’m plugging away (with my very-slow-reading-ability) through it (so far so good).

Speaking of Media. I really like the work of director Rian Johnson (literally ever since I saw the trailer for his frist movie “Brick”). I first heard about Looper about 3 years ago, and finally saw it. It was up to his usual quality, but the moral was “revenge and violence is just a bad cycle.” But the thing is, I walked away from the movie thinking “that was a movie which glorified violence for 2 hours straight.” It undermined it tremendously for me. Ah well. it was still quite entertaining, well acted, intricate, and a damn good piece of storytelling. I liked a lot how he showed things happen which didn’t make sense, and THEN revealed how they happened without making reference to the original events. Good stuff.

I was going to make chocolate fudge with candy canes crushed up in it, but decided I would end up eating all of it in about a day, and so I decided it was unwise. On a more peculiar note, my girlfriend’s butternut squash soup has become one of my favorite dishes, I swear it’s crack. All i know is that the concept of squash soup being a favorite of anything is much to grown up for me. Sigh.

I made frames this weekend out of scrap moulding. It was tough work and I didn’t have the right materials and it took all day. Not a terribly enticing situation, but I think once on the wall they will be sufficient.


  1. BlueNight

    Ah, the perils of power. You might actually have to do some work.

    As for Looper, I found the violence to be the opposite of glorified. Sure, there was a lot of gun porn, but the sad and disturbing lifestyles of the individuals who used those guns made the glamour go away. The only gun that was wholesome was held by the woman defending her boy. If you want sexy violence in your dystopian SF, try Repo Men.

  2. Muzhik

    (sigh) I knew it was too good to last. He’s spending more and more time at the office while she’s out partying. Soon she’ll be accepting invitations from charming delegates to “check out their starships.” (Remember, Haldeyis’ species attach their young to starships for the first hundred years or so. What Defines Us) Sooner or later, she’s going to find someone willing to spend more time with her, and that will be the end of that relationship.

    BTW, there aren’t any tags for that strip I linked to.

  3. Christopher

    @Jordan, ha!
    @BlueNight, excellent point. But I still find two hours of gun porn followed by a message of how violence/revenge isn’t good doesn’t ring well for me.
    @Muzhik, tags added!

  4. DaFunk

    Looper didn’t even have that much gun porn. It was terribly violent (I don’t like that much violence), but there were only three recognizable guns out of the total of five different types of guns they showed. Of those 3, only the shotgun the woman used made any sense (old family hand-me-down). The other two were terribly outdated and wouldn’t have ever been used in that time period. Seriously, a Colt .45-70 revolver? Way underpowered and not accurate at all.

  5. Gillsing

    @DaFunk: Weren’t there laws against most guns in Looper, which only allowed for types that were only accurate at very close distances? Or am I making that up? And it wasn’t as if the loopers needed a lot of accuracy, what with their targets being placed right in front of them. So even if they could’ve gotten away with carrying illegal weapons, maybe they just didn’t want to pay the extra bribes that would have required?

    As for the message being undermined by all the violence, I guess that’s a valid point, as I didn’t even get that message. The message I got was that thinking outside the box can make all your problems go away. But if the message was that violent vengeance is bad, then who better to preach it to than the people who would go see a violent movie?

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