01/23/13 Our Universe’s Beginning


All these years seeing the poster for Les Miserables, I figured it was a tragedy, like the Little Matchstick Girl or something. But I just watched the 1998 one and it was a celebration of the joy of the human spirit and ended all happy! Boy was I surprised, until I remembered it was Hollywood and then I went to Wikipedia. Liam Neeson is no longer walking happy in the sun in my mind. Ah well. Perhaps I will listen to the novel on audiobook. I do like Hugo’s stories and ides, but not particularly his prose style. Or at least the translations of it I’ve tried. Oh, and Emile Bayard got chops!

And I made anise-flavored candies. Apparently candy is easy to make unless you want it to taste like anything or not be simply hard candy. Eating pieces like potato chips is not very rewarding in pleasure nor afterfeelings. I am going back to experimenting with molasses for my licorice.

Been busy. Trying to draw in new ways. Playing with new ideas and plots. Fun times. In my head.


  1. Awesome

    Try Potato Candy. It’s really good, like peanut butter cups, but is incredibly easy and inexpensive to make.

    I came up with a great recipe for honeycomb candy, but the file I saved the recipe in was overwritten so now I have to come up with a new recipe all over again. 🙁

  2. Muzhik

    Tornites being declared “non-sentient” for being bad dressers? Barring Earth because we might pose a threat to him? Qwahntoo isn’t so much an evil mastermind as he is the worst high-school clique ever.

  3. er… I hate to be the one to quibble over semantics, but you say “He named the system Tornitus”, which means means “the system” functions as a pronoun, but there is no system mentioned before that for it to be talking about.

  4. Christopher

    @Frank, technically in one light you’re right, but I think I might keep it. He is going on the knowledge that Dimitri and red-9 are familiar with where the Furryites ended up, on Tornitus-6, or clues them in to it by naming the system.

    There’s sort of an unspoken “he named the system in which the planet was located where he was doing the breeding.”

  5. dkkauwe

    without a doubt the Mihrgoots are totally fucking awesome…i just hope that don’t turn evil…that would suck…by which i mean, it would just ruin my fuzzy happy feelings regarding the awesomeness of the Mihrgoots…but i still can’t fathom a romantic relationship with them…in fact…i’d have a hard time feeling romantic to much of any of the non-humans…i am so disappointed with myself…how remarkably xenophobic…

  6. Muzhik

    @dkkauwe, it is NOT “xenophobic”. It is a survival trait. While Oohlooh is sweet, it is impossible for her to bear King’s children. I hope the Mihrrgoots have some non-heredity means of passing on leadership roles, because when King shuffles off this mortal coil (and let’s face it: those tentacles are made for shuffling), thanks to Oohlooh, there aren’t going to be any Prince or Princess heirs to step into Daddy’s … shoe-analogues. (took me 15 minutes to come up with that… d*mn alien physiology…)

    Now, you could say that King doesn’t HAVE to be married to the mother of his children — sort of a Mihrrgoot bar-sinister — but that runs into the question of “does viewing the female as simply the carrier of the male genetic material constitute sexism in Mihrrgoot culture?” Of course, you could simply answer the question the same way Larry Niven did when he made the female Kzinti non-sentient (or as the startrek.com database puts it, “Kzinti are highly sexually dimorphic…”).

  7. rwstyles

    Turns out that Kzinti’s non-sentient females were the result of deliberate tinkering by the Kziniti males. Turned out to be a bad idea, since many males are almost non-sentient. There were a few unmodified Kziniti in a sort of interstellar zoo, and than there is the large Kzinit population on ring world.
    I am reasonably certain that this is canon, at least the bits I remembered correctly.

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