01/27/13 Dimitri Passes A Bill


Planet “Nerpy.” Oh goodness. I need to start getting more sleep.

Hey, there’s a photo contest over at TopatoCo. Submit one for $10 off your next order, or for the grand prize!

I mentioned I’ll be tabling at Tucson Festival of Books March 9 & 10, and I mention it again. Plan. Come. It’s book! How can you go wrong? Wait. Don’t answer that.


  1. Seems like, with these clowns, he could have avoided the need for the threat by just passing out free tea-cookies and vodka first. Also, the first announcement he should have made is that a new ship tech is available that leaves spacetrawlers in the dark ages and that it’s going to be made available for everyone. After that, the rest seems like simple clean up.

  2. Chaucer59, spacetrawlers are just one eeb-based industry. Owners of eebs who rely on them for labor and inventiveness will be very reluctant to give them up. Especially after seeing how dangerous free eebs are.

  3. dkkauwe

    Dimitri is the bestest…he’s the only one right now that i have any confidence in actually succeeding in terms of his goals/objectives/whatever…well other than the Mihrrgoots…

  4. zb

    Oh Dimitri, you magnificent bastard. So wait, what about all the other conference rooms that he’s only in holographically? Is he (threatening to) pump poison gas into all of them?

  5. Night-Gaunt

    Normally I’d say that isn’t a way to run a govt, but considering the incredible wrongs done such measures are necessary. I approve.

    Dimitry for Galactic President as long as he wants.

  6. coldelectrons

    Anyone who tried such a stunt IRL would be hated more than any despot.

    Not because of killing or threats, but because he wanted to take away the “free stuff” or whatever people are addicted to.

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