02/13/13 Before He Was King, by Don Ahé


I am taking a two strip vacation. To what? To work! Yay!

And I have two amazing fill-ins for you. The first by Don Ahé of Road Apples Almanac (colored by me).

I think that if there is any current embodiment of George Herriman, it is Don Ahé. His cartooning is simple and incredibly expressive. His humor is gentle, hilarious, and utterly unpretentious. I cannot recommend his work enough.

I was fortunate enough to meet Don at TCAF last year. Sadly I won’t be making it to TCAF this year (this spring already guarantees to overwhelm me), but here’s a memory of happy day of Don, Brian, and myself about town.


  1. Muzhik

    @Night-Gaunt, of course she’s the most dangerous creature on the planet! There’s a scene in “The Godfather” when Michael Corleone is hiding out in Sicily. He catches his first glimpse of Apollonia and is instantly smitten. His friend sees this and tells Michael “In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns.” I get the feeling it’s that way on this planet, too.

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