03/20/13 Keeping A Diary


Some Batman for you.

No, really, nothing else to blog today. It snowed. Crazy lotsa snow. Probably be gone by Monday. Weird.


  1. Corpore Metal

    Maybe that’s the secret to Flimboulxian jerky surliness, they all have little secret dairies filled with pain and anguish!

    Then again, Krep, with his giant shiner, does look a little cringing and sullen in these frames–he seems pretty scared of Martina now. I wonder if he wishes his Flimboulxian tactlessness would just take a hike for a few hours.

  2. Kaidah

    I’ve read the entire series several times and this is the first time I’ve noticed Krep’s giant black eye from Martina slugging him. It’s attention to little details like this that help make this so good.

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