03/25/13 Furryite Factory


Thank you, btw, thank you thank you all of you who put in orders and gave donations last week. it helped, and you’re the awesomest.

Had a pleasant weekend. Saturday I refueled my eyes by going (with mygirlfriend) for a brief trip down to the Albany Institute of Art & History (although their collection wasn’t really to our taste). Sunday I worked on house projects. Built a screen out of wod scraps and mesh for our skylight, re-strung all the chimes in our old wind chime, stained legs for our couch, glued together chairs, gessoed a canvas. That sort of thing.

For all (any?) of you fantasy writers out there, Sophia McDougal (of Romanitas) wrote a brilliant post on tips for making your fantasy book better. I am still giggling.

Oh, and, if any of you had any questions in your head about Star Wars making any sense, there’s finally a video explaining WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.


  1. ronald

    Yeah, they fell into the hands of an overrated British comic book writer who subsequently did to the X-Men pretty much what gets done to the Furryites. You know that had to hurt.

    All IMHO, of course.

  2. Muzhik

    @Christopher & Night-Gaunt, reminds me of the reactions when some of the Hmong refugees first came to Iowa back in the late 70’s. Some of them didn’t believe that the white pasty stuff in the plastic was actually chicken.

    And of course, when I was in grade school it was accepted as fact that by this time, we’d all be getting our food from concentrates and pills. Or we’d be eating Syntheti-Beef, made from algae and yeast cakes with that special secret sauce of spices and fungi mixed in to give it that hmm-mmm home-grown taste.

    Remember: Soylent Green is people! Try some today!

  3. Jebediah Kerman

    I have discovered footage thought to have been lost that counters the Luke Change theory!

    Youtube watch?v=abpyt86Wqeg

    Chalk it all up to standard government incompetence!

  4. Ghede

    I notice that the word blend has no “o” sound, so that means it’s being translated INTO the word blend.

    I like to believe his word for blend is making the sound a blender makes. “WOOOOOOROSHKLSHELSHKLJHSE”

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