04/17/13 Just For Laughs


My arms are sore from racquetball, and my belly is full of cookies. All is right in the world*. And I went to a drawing studio thing for the first time in ages. Did a fun little sketch:

*except in Boston :(


  1. Muzhik

    I know! Get Pierrot up so he can at least stagger in the right direction, then tell him that Qwahntoo tortures kittens! And that Mr. Jefferson, his cat that got left behind when Pierrot was recruited, is next!

    Qwahntoo won’t stand a chance.

  2. Night-Gaunt

    Chuck Norris did come up against a regenerating killer. Shoot him, break his arm, his neck and he just revived and kept on coming.

    So it is with this guy. Cutting him into pieces then separating them would be a good idea. Then feed the parts in to a nuclear furnace. Or the nearest magma pool.

  3. Jerry

    My brother just found this comic a few days ago and we’ve both just loved it. I am sad now that Ive caught up, but I’ll definitely follow this as long as it takes. Thank you for such a great story and fantastic characters.

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