04/15/13 Getting Down To It


That first panel is for all you commenters. Ha! 😉

Sunday we finally went to the Hyde Museum in Glens Falls. And I have to say, it’s small, but it’s a very nice art collection. The only problem with going to museums is it makes me want to paint, and who has time for that?

I did play racquetball this weekend, so, yay for that. Such fun. If you find something you enjoy that keeps you physically active (all you desk jockeys like me) do it do it do it (everything else I’ve tried, since soccer in High School, has bored me to tears).

Now I’m playing around with 3-D modeling (snort, because I have time for that). I swear, I will never, ever, EVER catch up. More cookies? Sigh. More kale. Mmm. Maybe I’ll make some kale chips.


  1. Muzhik

    I’m glad our collective gabbing got you to do the first panel (yay). But that last panel… Have you learned NOTHING from the movies? Having a powered vehicle smash into a wall is supposed to result in an explosion, complete with flames and flying debris. Not some wimpy little “POOM”

  2. War Pig

    Borrow from Dimitri and use a pistol to if he’s bullet-proof. Puncture wounds are not ablation. Better yet, see if there is anything resembling Ma Deuce. It’ll kill anything short of a tank (and can shoot off the drive or idler wheels of even a T-72 tank).

    If all else fails, give a shout to Yuri.

  3. Crusader Reycied

    This is why Emily is awesome. He tries to pull the empathy card, and she puts the greater good first without batting an eyelash. Kind of refreshing, to be honest.

  4. minetruly

    D: Do you live near Glens Falls? Did you visit Glens Falls?? The author of the best-written webcomic I’ve ever read visited my town and I missed it?

    You gotta WARN us when you make big public appearances like that!!

  5. Canuovea

    It might be best to make do with a Makarov.

    See, I was going to say that it was perhaps time for a Tokarev, which has a better sounding alliteration, but… well, the Makarov has actually made an appearance so far.

    Plus, it worked on the Bollycks, right?

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