04/29/13 Walking Away


I’m part of a doodle group, and I did a doodle of Conan (click for larger version).

And of Jimmy Bond (From the original “Casino Royale”).

And a band I like, “kamaniu šilelis.” they’re sort of neofolk, and are Lithuanian.

(here’s one of their vids)


  1. Evil Midnight Lurker

    So pretty much every single one of crazy old whatsername’s conspiracy theories from back in… 2010?… has been dead on accurate, except MAYBE the one about JFK?

  2. mercuryflash

    “… studied logarithms of the past G.O.B votes…” doesn’t make much sense. It’s kinda like Han Solo doing Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. But if it was an attempt to use a technological word in hope that someone would suggest a better one, then it’s pretty good.

    How about, “… studied histograms of the past G.O.B votes…?”

    I’m enjoying the humor and mystery here.

  3. Pete

    I’m worried about Dmitri. He’s bored, and more than a little unpredictable. I have a bad feeling that things won’t end well for him.

    Also, what mercuryflash said. That line from King makes my eye twitch. Aside from he misuse of “logarithms”, the margin of error should be small, not big.

    Try this: “I listened in to your conversation and ran a factor analysis of past GOB votes. I know who the 72 percent of bought reps are, with a confidence level of 99.8 percent.”

    Finally, have you played Mardek (free flash RPG series)? The secret society leader looks an awful lot like a member of the Governance de Magi (fighunter.wikia.com/wiki/Anu).

  4. jamesalan

    Spent 3 days at C2E2. Didn’t see my favorite artists there but they all intimidate me anyway. There’s always Wizard World in August. Dimitri should have joined up if he’s as smart as an artist.

  5. Corpore Metal

    I agree with Pete and the King of the Mihrrgoots.

    Dimitri is getting scary. If Emily succeeds in killing Qwahntoo, the humans, Dimitri in particular, may find to their horror that they have replaced Qwahntoo at the top of the galactic status quo, and bleeding hearts like Nogg and Krep may end up searching for someone or some means to ousting the humans.

    Meet the new boss, he’s the same as the old boss.

  6. jo

    as Pete says, 99.8% margin of error means he basically doesn’t have a clue. 0.2% margin of error would be impressive.
    Dmitri’s blue cup goes white for some reason in panel 4.
    That’s it for nit-picking, sorry. Love your work.

  7. Mic

    No, there’s a difference. The old heads were based around lust for power and wealth. I think I’d rather someone like Dimitri than just someone doing what’s in their own best interests and screw everyone else.

    Or at least those of us with armaments of jokes and amusing anectodes wouldn’t mind Dimitri being leader.

  8. Fluttershy4Prez

    My night so far:
    1) Read Spacetrawler as usual
    2) Watched kamaniu šilelis video
    3) Watched a lot more kamaniu šilelis videos
    4) Discovered they don’t have an album yet and only one song on their soundcloud account for download (Booo!), so I ran through all of Youtube converting/downloading what I could.
    5) Used your sketch as the cover art for my music player (Yay!)

    Thanks for the awesome music link! It successfully hijacked the hell out of my night…

  9. ronald

    Must be a pretty tricky handshake because lots of aliens don’t have HANDS, per se.

    Oh, it’ll end well for HIM, it’s the rest of the galaxy, if not the universe, that might have the problem.

  10. Christopher

    @Evil Midnight Lurker, ha! Yes. It was fun doing that.
    @mercuryflash, huh. Not sure why i thought Logarithms were used to study patterns of behavior. That’s what happens when you don’t study your math for 20 years.
    @Pete, oh boy. Yup, that is backwards. I think I mean “margin of accuracy,” is that an acceptable term? Or should I just change it to .2%
    @jamesalan, I have been cancelling cons left and right. I would like to a Chicago one, but no solid plans right at the moment.
    @Fluttershy4Prez, I know! I was very excited when i came across their work too. So with they had an album already!

  11. Neil

    @Christopher, you could probably get away with “level of accuracy” but “degree of certainty” (or, as suggested, “confidence level”) would be better.

    Also, you were probably thinking of algorithms. If King said “I listened in to your conversation and ran algorithms on the logs of the past G.O.B. votes” then it would work fine (with log meaning record, not logarithm; logarithms are used to analyse whether things depend of the square, cube, etc. of other things).

  12. Jonesy

    So Dimitri is just gonna throw all of these reps away from the air lock?

    This kind of removal of a significant amount of powerful politicians reminds me of Stalin’s methods, I guess Chris is familiar with that piece of Russian history?

    Come to think of it, it could have been awesome if Stalin had had to kill all those politicians just because there was some evil organisation controlling them and preventing him from doing GOOD things. Sadly, the man was just bat-poop crazy.

    But I gotta admit he had one hell of an awesome moustache

  13. Muzhik

    @Terry Smith, you “came here to correct the margin thing”? So now you’re planning on cornering the tea cookie market, speculating on tea cookie futures? I thought you speculated on futures using tea leaves, not tea cookies.

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