05/20/13 Building The Cage


Congratulations to the Nebula Award Winners (I look forward to the day when I am on that list.)

I’ve had a busy week, but haven’t done much blogworthy. I haven’t seen Iron Man or Star Trek. We planted the tomatoes, and I moved the really heavy iron fence (ouch). Our cat, Cosette, has a sore throat today, Verdi’s left eye is now squinty with something, and the new kitten still has a URI. Had a beer with a poet friend, where we talked about quilting and wood stacking.

I would like to mention again that Spacetrawler is now on the iphone app Comic Chameleon, which I quite like. It’s a good way to read through archives on the go — and I’ve been doing just that.

Shaenon Garrity and Jeffrey Wells are doing a Kickstarter to help fund the printing of the fourth volume of their comic “Skin Horse.” They already met their goal, but you should still buy a book. I adore Shaenon’s humor and art, and love what Jeffrey has brought to it all as well. I even wrote a pull-quote for the book, yay!

Oh, and I’ve watched episodes of The Office here and there. The ending was nice, I liked it. I felt they handled it funny, but feeling good, and not trying to do anything really grand. Nice. Although, in talking about the show, my girlfriend says I’m a mix of Pam and Kevin with a bit of Meredith. Hrrmmm.


  1. jo

    Panel 7: Only get ‘once’ chance, should be one, i think. And since I’m being picky, should panel 4’s first line “is there a manual override…” end with a question mark?

  2. dan

    Also, “imbedded” shouldn’t be “embedded”…?
    Yay for online editors – we don’t have much else to do until you end the storyline, so we nitpick on your spelling πŸ˜‰

  3. Patternsix

    Aren’t we worried about the Ebb’s cloning themselves and sending the clones into this trap while they go off and drink or possibly create a super slug capable of making stronger booze to drink?

  4. zb

    This plan seems like it has an awful lot that can go wrong with it. Eebs shielding themselves from the explosion, not all of them showing up, blowing up the cage from outside, etc.

    Also shouldn’t there be widespread panic evacuation carnage fire smoke explosions murderdeathkill going on where they are right now? We haven’t gotten a hint of that.

  5. fourthingsandalizard

    Oh look, it’s Chekhov’s Override. The probability that the plan goes off without a hitch or moral quandry approaches zero. Just how we like it πŸ™‚
    Speaking of Chekov, I really enjoyed Star Trek; you should see it sometime.

  6. Rafi

    How can you tell that your kitty has a sore throat? That’s one ailment my cat hasn’t experienced yet. So far, I’ve treated him for a horrible ear infection, a dog bite, and worms, and spent two grand to have a veterinary oral surgeon remove all his teeth. But he hasn’t come down with a sore throat yet.

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