06/03/13 The Eebs Arrive


The scanner arrived this weekend (thank you again, Erik!). I added washes to the strip from last Monday, but am only half-done adding them and coloring Wednesday’s strip. I’ll upload it when i upload THIS Wednesday’s strip.

Went swimming this weekend. And played tennis. Saw a big turtle, and my girlfriend and I urged it off the road so a car wouldn’t hit it. It was so pretty!


  1. Night-Gaunt

    Definitely looks like a common snapper. Alligator Snappers looks like prehistoric mutants. And a bite that you don’t want to have.

    So not one furryite was hurt and no Ebbs hurt either also no Martina. Now what?

  2. Christopher

    We simply danced around and shooed the turtle a bit, didn’t get close. It seemed to think we were lunatics and tried to casually leave the road without us noticing. 🙂

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