05/29/13 Calm Before The Storm


***strip has been colored and updated. Here’s the old b&w version if you want to see it.**

The scanner’s been ordered, and hopefully will arrive soon. Since I would have to re-color it when the new scanner came in, I’m holding off from coloring it for now. Next week I’ll be busy catching up. Wheee!

And The Bent Agency (who represent me) put up a nice author page of me on their website.


  1. zb

    Grammar nitpick– “crew” denotes all crew members, not an individual. Perhaps Dusty’s line should have been “Looks like you’ve let another of your crew die.”

  2. Christopher

    @jo, right you are! Doh! I changed it.
    @scienceguy8, ayyyyup. Good think nobody is watching.
    @zb, I meant it as the entire crew. Dusty is pretty convinced that they’re all going to die. But I think I could better clarify that, thank you.

  3. zb

    @Christopher, The “looks like” part implies that he’s commenting on the current situation, in which it appears only Martina is about to die (and possibly Yuri). It doesn’t make sense to me that at that moment he’d also be thinking that Pierrot, Emily, and Dimitri are about to die too. Especially Dimitri (and especially Emily (and well okay Peirrot should have died a few times by now)).

  4. Muzhik

    @Coyoty, it’s not a seance; they’re playing psychic poker. A bit of “Norbus Norus Hold ‘Em”. And now we have to wait until Monday to see what the River holds…

  5. I think Dusty’s dialog is fine. After all, who would expect Dusty to have an accurate grasp of the situation and be able to express it clearly?

    I’m really afraid that Nogg’s right, though. I imagine an epilogue where an aged Dusty is continuing a long career of calling radio talk shows and rambling to disbelieving hosts about the time he was abducted by an alien.

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