06/10/13 Final Gamble


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Remember those tomato boxes I built? Well, those tomatoes are doing well, and today my girlfriend and I put together a bamboo-and-twine structure to support the tomatoes. Quirky and I love it.

Oh, and I made a couple loaves of bread (and some peanut brittle, but I screwed it up. Yummy, but the end result was not really peanut brittle).


  1. *doffs hat and hangs head*

    Unless I’m misreading the second to last pannel there, that’s our first crew member lost. Nice trick she pulled there, however. Nasty supprise on the ship, and now there’s something that will attract said supprise in Qwahntoo’s blood.

  2. Well, I kinda like lady fingers. Not usually with bones, though.

    I wonder what the diTHERkers will think Qwahntoo tastes like. “Hmm… Krakencrab with a slight hint of Emily…” Sorry, no seconds.

  3. Will the diTHERkers’ bloodlust end as soon as the target blood is tasted and the target dispatched? Emily might have some new pets soon. Or snacks. They look too much like coyotes for their own good.

  4. Muzhik

    Wow. I would feel much better about her cutting off her fingers if someone had just ordered their eebs to build a regeneration machine to grow replacement parts of bodies. Honestly, this reminded me very much about the opening sequence in “Vertical Limit”. Self-mutilation to save the ones you love.

  5. Muzhik

    Oh, and @scienceguy8, I think you’re reading the panel wrong. Emily won’t be playing the clarinet any time soon, but she should be able to staunch the blood and not die from loosing two fingers.

    And @Coyoty, thanks a lot. Now you’ve got me craving ladyfingers. Maybe we can get the folks at Cookrookery to whip up a batch. Ladyfingers… They taste just like ladyfingers… (Stephen King reference there…)

  6. Night-Gaunt

    I always like it when the unexpected happens, like a smaller nice looking creature suddenly shows it is really an Apex carnivore and scars then eats a larger more obvious one. Even better when we don’t see it just hear it and see the expressions on those who are watching the spectical.

    “Look at all the blood….so much blood.”

  7. Swagner

    The little bonus strip reminds me of what a guy I knew who lived in the back woods of upstate New York said: “No matter how much you love nature, it doesn’t love you back.”

  8. Ray

    I recall someone who had a pet bullsnake he kept in a terrarium, and kept it fed via putting live-catch rat traps around his barn. It was fun for him, for a while, to watch as the bullsnake, once every few days, efficiently dispatched and ate one of the mice and rats that he caught. But eventually it got boring, and he’d just dump the doomed little critter in with the snake and go on about his business.

    Until one day one of his traps caught a shrew. He mistook it for a mouse and dumped it in with the bullsnake. A few hours later, he had a look, and his snake was reduced to scales and bones and splatters and quite a lot of shrew poo.


    Shrews are basically hunger on legs with tiny sharp teeth, and move so fast on the attack that hey are barely even visible. The snake never had a chance.

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