06/12/13 Fingers


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“Spacetrawler.” Ah, the internet. Thanks to the Nekofont site for one more distraction to our day, go ahead, create your own.

Made brownies, which fared about as well as the peanut brittle. I think my baker’s brain is off (it’s not my candy thermometer, I tested that). More rain. Rain rain rain. Maybe I will have a cakey brownie with crumbly peanut brittle on top.


  1. Nathan Myers

    Cakey brownies are the best. Crumbly peanut brittle is the best. Crumbly-peanut-brittle cakey-brownie sandwiches are the best of the best.

    I’m disappointed in Qwahntoo. He didn’t take over the universe by failing to think things through. Maybe he’s just gotten tired. Lucky thing the ditherkers didn’t smell wossname’s corpse first. Evidently she got far enough away from the ship, downwind. The poor ditherkers’ll starve after the eat her, Pierrot, Gurf, and one another. So maybe only one of them will starve. Or that one will go into dessicated suspended animation, like a Great Old One, and vaporize peacefully when the local sun engulfs the planet a billion years later.

    But is Gurf really dead? He’s pretty tough. Qwahntoo’s ship is still there.

    And we’re not really sure Pierrot’s dead either. Will the pottybot really leave without him, if he’s not?

    And why do these people bother flying all over the galaxy? Hasn’t anybody come up with webcomics?

  2. TB

    Questions on the table:

    How “dead” do you have to be before a Ditherker loses interest in you and goes away?

    How good are those nanite things?

    Who told Nogg about the fight? The pottybot? Or someone else?

  3. Christopher

    @Nathan Myers, I thought about that very Qwahntoo issue, and decided I’d have him trying to work it out WHILE he’s leaving. He just didn’t reach the conclusion soon enough. But perhaps you’re right and it is not giving his character enough credit. 🙂

  4. Muzhik

    I think you’re giving Qwahntoo PLENTY of credit! After ruling behind the throne for all these years, Qwahntoo had developed a hefty case of arrogance. It’s clear from seeing the actions, etc. of all the other races in the GOB that he’s succeeded in suppressing any desire to help another race for whatever reason. IOW, he’s managed to keep the races from uniting against him, without their being aware that something like that was happening. Now, however, he’s dealing with humans. What’s more, he’s dealing with humans that have a tradition of self-sacrifice. He might be used to thinking things through to make sure he lives; I don’t think he’s used to thinking things through to where he dies in order for his side to win.

  5. VincentG

    Let’s not forget the ites. Qwahntoo stunned them, but the fact he was kicking them and riling them shows that they must have still been aware of what was going on. The fact that he does not even check for vital signs, or lack thereof, not only on Emily, but also Pierrot and Gurf probably means he would have taken the ship, blow up the one he came in with, and abandon everyone in a deserted weird planet.
    But, foiled by his last “dinner”…

  6. devilflamejr

    I LOVE Qwahntoo’s expression when he says “fingers”… It’s the perfect “goddamnit *sigh* face:D If he had palms, one of them would be hitting his face right about there, methinks xD

  7. Crestlinger

    She was ‘dead’ enough for them to go out, sniff her, then follow the trail back to him. Here’s hoping those nanites have a time delay function and weren’t just for her leg.

  8. Patternsix

    Ok I’m confused .. is Nogg saying the things in the last panel in shock like he forgot? Or are we to believe Nogg in his old age has gone completely mental and is now cared for by Krep? That my friend is mental. But ok I going to think Nogg has lost his mind and Krep is caring for him and now this note that Nogg wrote long ago on paper when Nogg could still tie his shoes is going to be used as toliet paper? If you are truly sorry or want to give a meaningful thing you write the note on paper. And there aren’t a lot of planets that make paper anymore unless it’s religious. The religious paper is the same color as the note Krep is reading. You see Nogg is just an ass and is trying to get Krep to let him wipe his butt because of the food? Hell no make the butt wiper thing break then Nogg will need to wipe .. what does food do with any of this?

  9. Joe

    @patternix It’s implied that Nogg wrote the note earlier that day and he claims he can’t remember, and I assume the food synth is like a spacetrawler that converts matter into food…. fun stuff

  10. TB

    Quantoo has his work cut out for him. That may be Ditherker blood, but their “hydra” power of regeneration basically means unless he has some weapon he hasn’t pulled out yet, or a jetpack, he’s in trouble.

  11. TB

    Make that “Qwahntoo.”

    You realize, of course, that the name of any alien species or name translated to English would be essentially spelled just like it sounds, so “Quantoo” or “Qwantoo” would be more correct anyway. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I had an argument over this years ago with someone who insisted that the “k” in “Kzin” was silent.

  12. Muzhik

    @TB, The same holds for languages with non-roman alphabets. I love seeing people try to transliterate Russian into English. There are typically many ways to express certain sounds in English (i.e., “tsar” vs “czar”), and that’s ignoring the role that some letters have in modifying sounds. For example, when transliterating Thai, a “t” followed by an “h” doesn’t refer to the English “th” sound used in “the” or “ditherker”. It refers to a slight extension of the breath following the hard “t” sound.

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