07/10/13 Krep’s Charge


A couple strips back you guys flooded me with ideas, but I’m still catching up from the holiday weekend, so I haven’t had a chance to ponder them. but thank you! Every one will be read and thought about! πŸ™‚

My girlfriend dragged me out to see the movie “The West.” Funny, I liked it more than she because it is actually fairly interesting and well structured in its script. But she was displeased at the safe Hollywood morals and ending it gave. We both liked the acting. Anyhow, can’t say i recommend it, but it’s interesting. I don’t think I’ll be pondering it as long as I pondered “Before Midnight,” but what movie COULD do that? πŸ˜‰

I’ve begun putting together a pre-sale for Spacetrawler book #3, which I’ll probably do through Kickstarter. Part of me very much wanted to do (in addition) a hard-cover version of the entire run with all the naughty language edited out (so it could be given to kids or as presents), but looking at costs, I don’t think that will be possible. As it is, book #3 will be MUCH longer (20 months of strips rather than 12) and have a slightly more durable cover. Anyhow, I’ve just been puttering at it, working on the cover, and so I thought I’d mention that.

Hey, I’ve been meaning to mention. I have done a good number of newspaper serials with the talented writer Mike Peterson (if you want them in your local paper, see his site here). But I’ve been meaning to mention, he writes a daily blog about comics, focusing mostly on editorial, but with plenty of newspaper dailies and webcomics thrown in. I don’t even remember if he’s talked about my work there, but his writing is insightful and thoughtful and worth reading. Check it out.

And I’ll end things with a video which melts my heart.


  1. Nathanyel

    If you think you loved Krep until now, this was nothing. He doesn’t care about losing a third of his “arm tentacles” and only leaves because Martina tells him to.

    Also, he either has amazing self-healing, or the Eebs have been very kind (relatively)

  2. Erik

    looking forward the next kickstarter. got the first 2 that way.. because let’s face it, this is the only affordable way to get your books if you’re outside the US πŸ™

  3. Hg

    I think an omnibus edition would be great, but I’d prefer that it not be bowdlerised.
    I mean, Dmitri’s drinking and incredible sexual exploits don’t really seem G-rated even if you strip out the language, and I don’t see how you could Disney-fy that without ruining the character completely. And Krep’s filthy mouth and hard-ass bluster is just as much a critical part of his character.

    Spacetrawler is what it is. Don’t make it a lesser thing “for the kiddies”.

    Also, Krep is great. I love him in this page.

    But the “I’d advise that you to leave” dialogue does need a little tweaking, yes. πŸ™‚

  4. Sigh. How soon they forget! Here:

    And also here:

    And even here:

    And prob’ly again when you start whatever comes next.

    (By the way, unless you plan to draw the entire strip over without Dmitri, I wouldn’t bother trying for that PG rating.)

  5. Since I already have the first two books I’m hoping the third book will not be too different so they look like a package deal on my bookshelf. I hate it when a series doesn’t match! Even if it doesn’t it still won’t stop me from getting it though. Oh, and @Ada, I think @Nathanyel was talking about the fact that Krep wasn’t bleeding all over the place.

  6. Nathanyel

    @Ada: yep – I half-consciously noticed that on Monday, but dismissed it as a detail of his face that eluded me so far or that I had forgotten, but today I immediately remembered that!

  7. Christopher

    @The_Geek, @Hg, fixed!

    @Hg, duly noted. πŸ™‚

    @Mike Peterson, oh right! There’s even one of ’em I missed. Thanks!

    @Susan, I’ll be using the same printer as book #2. I wish I’d had the same printer for all three, but the one who did the first one treated me very poorly.

  8. Tim K

    I’ve already got the first 2 books. I’ll certainly be getting the third, but if there was also the option to get an omnibus in hardcover as well, I’d jump at that too (then I could lend out the soft-covers to convert my friends until they fall apart one day). I’m with Hg in thinking that bowdlerising for some mythical rating would be a mistake.

    Was wondering after Monday what had happened to Krep’s tentacles, kind of amusing to see it answered so quickly. Kind of anti-Chekhov’s gun : “Oh, I’ve spotted something that might foreshadow a big event”. And then it is resolved next page πŸ˜€

    Lovely video, not come across DeAnne Smith before.

    And, to anyone thinking of supporting the kickstarter, if there is an option to get postcards sent to you, go for it – it has been a wonderful out-of-the-blue joy for me to get them from various characters over the last year (thanks Christopher!)

  9. Ben Jims

    Well, I’m sure on Monday we were all wondering what sort of extremely dramatic and traumatic event Krep would have to go through to lose part of his face, and how long it would be until it happened. That’s how it is- if you flash forward to someone missing limbs, it’s a guarantee that during the story it will be a serious and dramatic sacrifice.

    So, uh.

    Yeah. Okay.

  10. TB

    Counting tentacles? Come on, people. It is possible to drive an author into actual continuity paralysis, or force him into spending his life revising old cartoons to new facts (unless they can come up with a clever “three-door, four door” workaround.)

    The real danger is when the author finally feels he has no choice but to drop into the well-known “bugger all this, it’s only ‘Doctor Who’ and nobody cares anyway” mode.

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