07/15/13 Pre-Killing Talks


I finally finished the two Spacetrawler strips which I had only posted as drafts, um, about a year ago. Anyhow, they’re both up now. It’s this one, and the next one, this one. Now, I think all I have left to go back and do is the few strips where I accidentally put the mad eebs in jackets rather than togas.

Hey, Scott and Audra just finished their run of Nemu*Nemu which guest-featured Vachel (from my comic, Little Dee), so now’s your chance to go over there and read ’em. The storyline featuring Vachel STARTS HERE.

And I told you before that when I mentioned YA books, two authors sent me books. How awesome is that? Well, I just finished the second, Castle Falcon by Tom Brosz (the direct Amazon link is Castle Falcon), and it was a delight. YA, two siblings save the earth from the magical powers of evil. It’s a love poem to all the adventures you love: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Zorro, Scooby Doo, Lovecraft, Humphrey Bogart films, etc. It’s a playful and fun ride, the energy lying in the fantastical and curious elements rather than the suspense (which I felt was very low, since two protagonists can not only do every cool thing you ever imagined, but this all-powerfulness also makes it feel like they are safe from real danger).


  1. Joal

    I was thinking that she was coping remarkably well for someone who’d just had a hand blown off, until I remembered that it was her bionic well.

    She’s still being pretty bold for someone who has zero negotiation leverage.

  2. Jonesy

    “Our quota is lagging” did me in.

    So, she gets killed and peace is restored on the Spacetrawler Universe. What a noble way to end a good comic. But I still hope there is a irritatingly interesting twist coming on the next page :]

  3. ronald

    “Nobody knew that you guys were actually inside the spacetrawlers, and now that they do know, they’re horrified.”

    Although I don’t doubt that this is true, have we actually *seen* any horrified reactions to the public revelation of this knowledge? I might have missed it.

    I’m not sure who other than Qwahntoo himself is supposed to have known what was going on (aside from the convicts on the B-Teeth station). Did even Shaix know?

    If any GOB council members or other sorts of government officials knew about it, well, let’s hope they don’t have any election draak-sims coming up…

  4. Gillsing

    You fixed the Sheriff, but you didn’t fix the Deputy. (That “enourmous” typo. Though it does make the word a bit ‘aberrant’, which seems quite fitting for a giant huggy-bug.)

    As for the “horrified” G.O.B. races, I may have gotten my proceedings mixed up, but wasn’t it on that issue that Dimitri had to threaten all the representatives with poison gas to get them to agree to the moral decision? Sure, politicians might not be as horrified as the people they represent, but still…

  5. Muzhik

    @EternalLurker, I hate that battery. It’s one of those big lead-acid ones, and what’s worse, it’s rechargeable. (If you don’t believe me, I’ll introduce you to my ex-wife…)

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