07/17/13 Yuri Visits Martina


Ooh, it’s been busy. Lots of drawing. Lots of plotting. Some singing and speaking, some emailing and cooking. But nothing blog-worthy.

It’s been hot. I have to keep the fan directly on me all day to keep me dry enough so that my forearms don’t warp the drawing paper with sweat.

There are not enough cookies in the house. That is all. Truly, what more is there? Nothing. That is all.


  1. ronald

    You know, whatever else the Eebs can say about Yuri, she’s the human who’s suffered the most as a result of joining the pro-Eeb cause (what with being tortured and rendered a quadriplegic and all). Sure, she bounced back, but…

    (Okay, one could make the argument that Martina’s suffered more *emotionally”, but the point remains.)

  2. Herandar

    I did not read that foot comment as a jab at their height. In my mind, it was more along the lines from Kung Fu Panda: I see you like to chew! How would you like to chew… ON MY FIST!

    ~Life is better when dialogue sounds like dubbed Kung Fu movies~

  3. AnotherOpinin

    Yeah, the first Kick panel with the Yuri blood was grimmer than I expected. I expect Martina to die, though I still hope for some form of escape. Yet, even with Martina I don’t want to watch someone be tortured before death. I guess I was hoping for a boom off panel death.

    And these eebs need to die.

  4. Joe

    Don’t worry, the way this comic’s been going, I bet she escapes, blows up the eebs and entire planet, then get anticlimactically shot dead by Bollyck pirates…

  5. Night-Gaunt

    Martina lives by her rules even if it kills her and Yuri. Dedication to the end. Got to admire someone with that kind of tenacity and pureness of heart. But it sure is shitty for Yuri. I miss her psycho bitch mayhem right about now.

  6. Muzhik

    @Christopher, I have to express some discomfort in using the name of a religion as part of an epitaph. I appreciate the alliteration, but I think a better “exclamation” (that maintains the alliteration) would be “Shintaro’s shit!” after Shintaro Katsu (Namu, namu, namu). He played Zatoichi, the blind swordsmaster, in 25 films over an 11-year period, plus 4 seasons of a television series. Truly a master of bad-a**ery worthy of an epitaph!

  7. Muzhik

    And of course, I depended WAY too much on my spellchecker, which gave me “epitaph” when I wanted to use “epithet”. (sigh) Well, the only thing to do is to make a batch of Blueberry Pancake Cookies!

  8. CompaniaHill

    Hmm, when that Eeb powered off Yuri’s cyborg limbs, he didn’t power off *all* of Yuri’s implants, did he? Including, perhaps, her brain-clamp? Or is that just my wishful thinking? Sigh.

  9. TB

    I don’t think a brain-clamp is a “device” as such that can be altered physically. If it were possible to telekinetically undo one, even a clamped Eeb would probably have enough power to do it.

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