08/21/13 What Happened After


Spacetrawaler Book #3 Kickstarter was a success!!!

Thank you all SO much!

And plus you’ll all get three more months of strips AFTER the book #3 content.

(Which puts it ending right around the end of the year. Yay!)

//////****EDIT— I updated today’s strip. The version version, on reflection was WAY too depressing, which was never my intent. If curious, here is the old version. Β — Also, just reached 30K! There will be 3 more months of Spacetrawler after book #3! Yay! —/EDIT****//////

If you can’t read it at this resolution, Choan is shopping on “planetbay.”

So, the strip is winding down. Some quick epilogues for the secondaries, and then into the wrap up. It’s so weird to have it so close to ending!

Since Sunday I’ve mainly been writing, so, not a lot of news.

Just that it’s the last day of the Kickstarter, and holy crap, Spacetrawler might NOT be ending. It’s getting mighty close to the last stretch goal!


  1. skythorn

    And poor Oohloo snuffs it. A shame – a sweet character (annoying) but sweet. Interesting how death in the spacetrawler universe actually does happen perminantly. As does love. Martina and Lummok, Emily and that assassin chap, etc … Although Dimitri being a polyamorous polyspeciest sex fiend does kinda break that mould.

  2. Christopher

    I am honestly thinking of re-writing parts of today’s strip. I didn’t even realize it when I wrote it, but now as i re-read it, it IS really depressing.

    Maybe just the Choan and Shuar panels. Oohlooh’s death was actually planned.

  3. piratep2r

    Obviously it’s your art and story, but this is pretty sad-making! Everyone on this page lives unhappily ever after (with the exception of the furryites and the bad guy). I mean, life is rough and all, but think of the children!

  4. Christopher

    Holy crap, you guys! We reached 30K!!! 3 more months of Spacetrawler! Wow! πŸ™‚

    Also, I just updated the strip. I think changing Choan and Shuar’s fate feels better and definitely changes the overall tone of today’s strip. Hope you like! (here the old version)

  5. I’m glad to see that a staircase managed to get somebody after all.

    I think Choan and Shuar could have something less depressing happen to them as well. I don’t think Choan is the type to worry about spending all her money, she seems more sensible than that, more likely to become an eccentric, kajillionaire who lives recklessly and whose wacky schemes are annoying but secretly the only thing keeping Shuar distracted from terrible, terrible heartache.

  6. Ninjamobile

    In the last panel, the text reads “Careful that last step, it’s a bit wobbly”. Assuming it’s not intentional, it should probably read “Careful *of* that last step, it’s a bit wobbly” or “Careful, that last step is a bit wobbly”.

    Also, related note, thanks for the good story, Chris. I have enjoyed it. πŸ™‚

  7. I have been reading your awesome work since Bruno, I was in love Little Dee and I kept reading spacetrawler every day even if I knew it was mon & wed only.
    Alas, this is the first time I dare to comment.
    And my comment is: oolooh must live. Please!

  8. Wow, that first version of this page was bleak! Holy crap. Not that there hasn’t been a healthy dose of darkness just under the light surface of this entire story, what with the plot concerning an entire race being perpetually tortured in the name of Commerce, and the whole thing being Nogg telling Mr. Zorilla how his daughter died, but wow.

    Writing! The next project, the extra Kickstarter story, or…?

  9. Christopher

    Egypt, writing? Right now? Well, the end of Spacetrawler is written and I’m just editing it up and laying it out today. Then the extra KS story. Then the next project.

    Meanwhile, puttering away at the Little Dee graphic novel, and three other novels. Fun!

  10. Sara F.

    Oh no, please tell me this strip isn’t ending!!! You are SUCH a great storyteller, please say there will be more to this story with at least some of the main characters!!! …pretty please? πŸ™

  11. Christopher

    @Heng, well, 4 are epilogue-types, one is Nogg and Zorrilla saying farewells, one is the “tack on” strip I put at the end of each book, and then one is the prologue of me going “blah blah blah.”

    @Pastorday, not too late! I’ll drop you a line.

  12. zb

    That greased light drive ship is hurting my brain. Depending on how I squint when I look at it, I can see it as either facing away from me (nose toward the upper right) or toward me (nose toward the lower right).

  13. Meran

    I know Americansike to have happy endings on their stories, but you know, it rarely happens in reality.
    Not 1 person in my family since after my greatgrandpa’s death has had a happy ending. Even extended to my cousins.

    And myself. Thought I had it for a little while, but, no.

    Now sometimes that’s why we want the happy endings, but desserts eaten all the time become type 2 diabetes. Please don’t make this type of change a habit.

    Part of humor is the part where “laughing in the face of adversity” happens. ~That is what Life is like, if you can get a decent one.

    Sorry if this brings everyone down. That wasn’t my intention.

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