08/21/13 What Happened After


Spacetrawaler Book #3 Kickstarter was a success!!!

Thank you all SO much!

And plus you’ll all get three more months of strips AFTER the book #3 content.

(Which puts it ending right around the end of the year. Yay!)

//////****EDIT— I updated today’s strip. The version version, on reflection was WAY too depressing, which was never my intent. If curious, here is the old version.  — Also, just reached 30K! There will be 3 more months of Spacetrawler after book #3! Yay! —/EDIT****//////

If you can’t read it at this resolution, Choan is shopping on “planetbay.”

So, the strip is winding down. Some quick epilogues for the secondaries, and then into the wrap up. It’s so weird to have it so close to ending!

Since Sunday I’ve mainly been writing, so, not a lot of news.

Just that it’s the last day of the Kickstarter, and holy crap, Spacetrawler might NOT be ending. It’s getting mighty close to the last stretch goal!