09/25/13 Nine Sextillion Tons


So, yes, a bit of a glitch with the site this weekend, but all seems to be fine and working well now.

Some Rules On Comments: please refrain from commenting on theories you develop, details you notice, etc which may be viewed as spoilers. This story is a mystery, and so being clever and “figuring something out” is cool, but posting it is not.

The order for books is at the printer, the etched glasses and giclée prints too. Plus a pallet worth of shipping supplies. November will be busy. But yay, all is moving along at a good clip! Now I just need to edit the additional “Dusty tract” and “how to leave the planet” zine.

As I mentioned, I went to NYC with my girlfriend. No real plans or agenda, just stayed with and visited friends, ate some nice food, and walked around A LOT. I feel I should have more to blog about this, but I simply don’t. We didn’t even make it to the MET (the one thing somewhat planned), only walked north far enough to go to the library (which admittedly has some very nice paintings).

Me, with the Williamsburg Bridge in the background.


  1. Christopher

    @Hg, fixed!

    Oh, and I forgot to mention comment ground rules: please refrain from commenting on theories you develop, details you notice, etc which may be viewed as spoilers. This story is a mystery, and so being clever and “figuring something out” is cool, but posting it is not.

  2. TB

    Spoilers? I must say, I appreciate the vote of confidence in our brilliance at anticipating your stories! The clever plotting and twists have been legion. Heck, has anyone ever been absolutely right in anticipating how something will turn out?

    And of course, there’s always the good old “real time retcon” trick if the audience gets too cocky.

    “Hey, Mr. Chekhov, wasn’t there a rifle hanging on that wall yesterday?”

  3. Night-Gaunt

    Nine sextillion tons what kind of gravity well are we talking about? Unless they can negate or manipulate gravity they won’t be able to mine it if it is one world. Oh and the cost would go down to pennies or fraction there of. Why De Beers controls over 90% of all the diamond mines in the world. Otherwise diamonds would be cheaper by the dozen.

  4. CompaniaHill

    So even if Garzun keeps her map secret, it’s gonna be hard for her to keep a whole mining operation secret once she starts moving Darkhuenium into the marketplace by the ton. Unless she has pirates smuggle it in their luggage. So obviously unrefined Darkhuenium must appear as gold which glows brightly in a suitcase.

  5. @Eebiot: I always thought it was the stuff that they make podiums and desks out of. See how they’re all dark blue like that? (Probably allows for good hidden circuitry)

    I’ll admit, though, I only thought that because, when it was first named, the speaker’s podium was just about the only dark-blue thing we’d seen

  6. jediadept

    Christopher, could you please tell me if I’m reading the illustrations correctly, some of the comments seem confusely to me:
    The 3 green glowing squares on the desk are monitors, and the 2 bricks on the desk shelf are the Darkhuenium.
    Thank you,

  7. Ken

    A tough rule to follow Christopher.
    Conjecture is just that, conjecture. We don’t know it’s a spoiler until the episode in question, or you say; “D’oooh!”

    My favorite macguffin driven story was; Repo Man.
    The car to be repo’ed was real enough, and a real POS at that, but the trunk was full of macguffin.

  8. CompaniaHill

    @Crestlinger: Yep, similar snout, but Garzun’s horns and eyes are much different, plus Garzun is far more expressive. But now I just hope Chris doesn’t dress Garzun in a giant red bow.

  9. TB

    One of my favorite books since I was a kid was “The Twenty-One Balloons” by William Pene DuBois. Takes place on a fictionalized island of Krakatoa, prior to the explosion. A small civilization of twenty families lives there in isolated but fabulous luxury, because the island is stuffed with diamonds. They don’t tell anyone at all, but periodically slip small quantities of diamonds out to civilization to purchase things they need without flattening the market.

    If Garzun had the brains of a chicken, this planet would have been kept a deep, dark secret, using the same “trickle-out” method of getting fabulously rich. Since she does seem to have brains, I suspect letting the secret out wasn’t her idea.

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