09/29/13 Emily Delegates


Some Rules On Comments: please refrain from commenting on theories you develop, details you notice, etc which may be viewed as spoilers. This story is a mystery, and so being clever and “figuring something out” is cool, but posting it is not, it’s a potential spoiler.

I really haven’t watched TV since the 80s, I just can’t get myself interested enough. But my girlfriend watches shows, and so I occasionally watch them with her. Which is good, it means that I got to really see the brilliance in shows like Ab Fab, Father Ted, Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes, and Foyle’s War (which apparently ALSO had a bonus mini season this year). But Wallander is really the only one I liked so much as to want to watch all the way through. This week my girlfriend and I watched the final short season of episodes of Wallander (with Krister Henriksson). Lovely. And the penultimate one made me cry. Good times.

Have just finished (phew!) the “how to survive being shanghaied into space” booklet for the Kickstarter stretch goals, and have written the draft for the Dusty tract. Oh, and I put in half a day working on developing the strip which will come after Spacetrawler. Busy busy!

Oh, and I pressed apple cider with my friend Russell (on equipment he made all himself). Fun and totally delicious.


  1. CompaniaHill

    Emily and Pierrot are both from Earth, so it’s no surprise that they’d use what they’re already familiar with. And it can’t be a spoiler if it’s already part of a posted strip.

    Still, yuck. 😛

  2. Corpore Metal

    So I’m guessing that there are enough alien sex organs out there that are vaguely in the shape of a human penis that the word “condom” maps properly through the translator chips?

    Or has Dmitri just been THAT busy showing his hardware around the galaxy?

  3. Jonesy

    But Chri-iiis, speculation is all we mere mortals have when we sit here, waiting for the next page :(((

    Nah, it’s all right. Especially now that the guessing game would include the future whereabouts of that hair-dwelling natural gum-based contraceptive that is probably still sticky from several bodily fluids.
    so thanks for making it easier ;D

  4. Jeff

    Hey Chris, good news – this season of Foyle’s War was neither ‘bonus’ nor ‘mini’! I’ve always been a big fan, so here’s the lowdown -> There have been eight seasons so far, from 2002 to today. Every season has had three episodes (except for the first which had four). (Brit TV series are generally shorter than in the US.)

    FW was briefly canceled in 2007 (after the 6th season) but the public screamed so loud ITV realized they’d made a mistake and started up production again. They are filming the next season (9th) as we speak, and there are plans for additional seasons after that. Hurray!

  5. Scott

    Okay. I love your comic. I’ve just about finished, but had to stop and coment.
    The last two panel made me laugh so hard I thought my would explode. I’m still trying to clear my sinuses.
    Thanks for that…I’m gonna go ahead and finish now.

  6. tlhonmey

    A common thing to do for mystery spoilers on simple comment boards like this with no spoiler tags is to ROT13 them.

    Those who want to read them easily can. Those who don’t can easily ignore them.

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