10/16/13 Garzun’s Daughter


Some Rules On Comments: please refrain from commenting on theories you develop, details you notice, etc which may be viewed as spoilers. This story is a mystery, and so being clever and “figuring something out” is cool, but posting it is not, it’s a potential spoiler.

Monday I did tech work for my girlfriend who was setting up a new computer system. Ah well, despite it being me it still might work.

Tuesday went to open drawing studio again.

And Felix Baumgartner fell from the Stratosphere (link in case the video isn’t showing). I get queezy just watching it. The spinning! :-/


  1. TsunamiJane

    I love the emotion Laylin displays after Emily says her mother is dead. The way the one horn tilts down, the flattened mouth….great depiction!

    (Whether the sadness is real or not remains up for debate.)

  2. War Pig

    I have practiced military HALO and the spinning you mention can be quite dangerous. In fact, others who have tried that feat at that altitude or near it have died as the spin got out of control. At his initial altitude there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it as you don’t have enough air to use your arms and legs to control it. I’ve jumped from up to 30,000 feet but that’s it. He also opened his chute pretty high up. We sometimes jumped from 20-25 thousand feet, opened at 10 thousand then para-sailed for miles. One heck of a lot of fun during the day, not so much at night when most such jumps happen on operations. One trick was to jump about 4 or 5 miles offshore, not raising suspicion and out of the 3 mile limit, then parasail inland. With the right chute and favorable winds, you can do “over” a dozen miles, so you’d be out of their defended territory and then all of a sudden, you’re several miles inland. LOL big surprise for the bad guys.

  3. Christopher

    @Jakub, yes, someone requested that. And many people do read the comic at work, so I respectfully obliged. Is “fine art” SFW? Philosophically, we’ll never know. But in practical terms, depends on your boss.

    @Izzie, Ha! I was going to fix that on my computer but forgot. It was the first thing my friend Maureen said after I drew it too. 🙂

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