10/21/13 Stinky Ellzbir


A bit of another quiet week. One of those weeks where you spend the whole week working extra hard to catch up and don’t. But I got an okay amount done, and it was Writer’s Group this week, so I it was fun hanging out with them. The weekend was spent, one day having fun and walking around and enjoying the season, the other day doing housework.

A Ginkgo tree on our street.


  1. John

    Well, the character’s name was “Stinking Elizaveta,” and she was the mother of Fyodor Karamazov’s illegitimate son Smerdyakov. But heck, who knows what imagery one of your readers can conjure up in his mind this early of a Monday morning?

  2. Crestlinger

    All the crawlies come out of the woodwork when someone finds something. Want to see how many money grubbers you have in your area? Advertise winning a large amount of money at an unoccupied neighbour’s house and see how many people come to the door.

  3. Corpore Metal

    “…bored with your empty threats and I thought I’d help you out with some baby steps.”

    E M I L Y ! Don’t *ever* change! Ellzbir has no idea that Emily spits out the bones of tougher guys than him for breakfast every morning!

  4. Dragon Hostler

    “…bored with your empty threats and I thought I’d help you out with some baby steps.”
    What Corpore Metal said!

    The twisted paths of memory…
    While I’ll still risk writing poetry, writing song lyrics is right out for me.

  5. Muzhik

    FWIW: My daughter is working her way through my book collection. Right now she’s in the middle of “Count Zero” by William Gibson, which has a line that is very apropos to this strip, when considering Ellzbir’s threats: “The truly dangerous man does not NEED to look dangerous.”

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