12/04/13 The Chase


This space left intentionally swank.

And lastly, again, if you’re doing holiday shopping, I have merchandise at Topatoco (ST Book #3 will be added there in January), including: Spacetrawler books 1-2, Little Dee, Bruno, etc at my Topatoco Store.

Annnnd also and IF you’re planning to shop at Amazon, please enter Amazon via my banner at the top of the page. Or here: Amazon. I receive a percentage and so it’s all win-win.


  1. J-sun

    A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon a couple of Bruno books in a comic store bargain bin. They looked interesting, & were cheap, so I picked them up.

    I now sit with my mouth agape, utterly hooked. Obviously, I am very late to the party, but I am pleased beyond words to have discovered your stunning work. I have rarely read a comic of such depth & beauty. I am very happy that I have many years worth of your work to catch up on now. Thank you for putting such great art into the world!

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